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When I started this website, I never could have imagined that I would reach 300 updates! That’s a lot of girls in a lot of chastity belts!! It has been a great journey, and I feel proud and thankful for the support I have received from you!
I will continue to strive to make CB the best female chastity belt website on the internet, and I will do that by closing the best Chastity Deals with the most beautiful girls, and having the best and most diverse chastity devices that are out there. Always tight and adjusted to the girl, no fakes, no touching!
One brand was missing so far: the incredible Carrara Designs chastity devices from Belgium! Well, I just had to order one from the very kind Walter, who does such an excellent job of making extremely secure devices for girls and guys! This is his latest design: the Carrara female belt, which features an integrated high security padlock (key can not be copied), snap shut locking, and an built in rinsing system that will spray water from a little perforated hose onto the caged pussy, eliminating the need for cleaning breaks.
Who better to present this newest belt than the famous bondage model Ariel Anderssen from the UK! She is one of the best presenters I have ever seen and she will demonstrate all of the belt’s features, in addition to locking herself into it, and commenting on the feel and the incredible security of this device. Loose the keys and you are in it for life! Ariel got all excited presenting this video while locked in the belt! You can read more about this belt here:
Just take a moment to celebrate the 300th update with me. Don’t send me any gifts or thank you’s – if you really want to help, please consider supporting the website by joining as a member. The price is really low for all those gigabytes of female chastity content! Let’s go for the next 300!


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  1. ChastityLover says:

    You’ve done a great job with this site. I’ve been a faithful subscriber for a long time, and plan to continue. Dominique, Donna twice and now permanently, Amarantha, and so many other girls in tight, inescapable chastity – the variety of girls and deals just keeps getting better!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Stunning update! Congratulations with this 300th update and I hope you will and can keep up the good work.

    This Carrara belt is really, really nice and I have not yet had one in my hands unfortunately. I wish :) The integrated lock is in my opinion as a locksmith quite secure and well protected. Nice! The keys for this lock can be copied legal by the way, so don’t lend them out too easy ;)

    Another interesting brand will be a Reinholds belt but these are hard to get as they are not produced anymore as far as I know. However there are models in this world who own a Reinholds but I have never seen a shoot with this belt being used.

  3. I’m not completely sure if this is 100% effective. The tube is as small as a catheter. Its essentially a built in, exclusive access bidet. If its any kind of substitute for douching, shouldn’t it feed in and/or be uncapped on the end? And how do you keep fluids from leaking all over it monthly? Also: is rinsing alone enough?

    • Pat Pat Pat… my dear Pat. You obviousbly didn’t see the video. In the video it is very beautifully presented by Ariel. Go watch it now.

      • I stand corrected. it didn’t look to squirt very high but I didn’t consider its closer proximity then a regular bidet which is several inches under its occupant. Its the water pressure that cleans you out inside. good engineering.

        • Better use a small syringe what makes the spray stronger and eventual do some ‘squirts’ in a row to clean, specially during ‘that’ week of the month.
          A daily shower or bath is mandatory!

  4. Lothlorien says:

    How can the key not be copied? I mean, it’s a physical lock – there must be a way to defeat it.

    • You can always open a belt, but this is the best by far, you really need a lockpicker for this one , the key can be copied if you have one!!, if you lose both, then with other locks you can order a new key throug the numbers from the lock, with this one, there aren’t any!!, the only option then is destroying it.
      Keep in mind that you shouln’t wear this going through customs if you dont want to be taken apart and explaining a LOT!! ;)

      • Also, the key does not fit into the lock without cutting a large part off the side. It is that tight. If you somehow duplicate the key (for which you need a certificate), it still won’t fit.

        • let’s agree on this, this belt is the very best there is, nearly escape proof, sexy as hell, and if you look at the belt, they look more expensive then their actual price.
          I wish my wife would wear one, but some things will remain a wish ( sigh!!!)

        • If a copy wouldn’t fit…why would the original? If you have a key, you can always make an identical compy of it (i.e. it has the same shape)… maybe the key service around your cornor is legaly not allowed to do that (or lacking equipment) but there are people on this planet who can copy any key…. and hence a real copy is identical to the original, the only way it wouldn’t fit would be if the original didn’t fit

          that said…you’d definitely have to know the right people and pay a lot of money to get a copy like that. And why would you do it, if you have the original at hand??

          Another question is, if the lock is realy unpickable… there are lcoks that are labled unpickable… but then there are youtube videos of people who claim to have succeded opening them… however some of these videos might be fakes ;-)

          Can you cut it open? Yes! Any belt can be cut open. Of corse it would be destroyed permanently but with enough time, it can be done without injuring the wearer severely. I do doubt however if it’s possible to destroy any belt without hurting the wearer at all….

      • The key code is wiped away but kept on record by Carrara. you cannot buy the key without the code.
        Only a specialised manufacturer can make correct copies of a combined dimple key

        • Abus 75IB Marine. It uses the EC type keys. Codes are mostly like Dxxxx (where x are numbers). No patent or copyprotection but you need a serious locksmith to get them copied or supply them by number, not available on every corner. We do them every day. It is a wise decision from Walter to wipe the code away on the keys, ordering could be posible. Copy’s available or not it still is a serious lock for the purpose and a very, very nice made belt!

  5. With the discussion that came up about the keys to this belt, would it be possible for you to enter a picture of them in the album for thís update too?

  6. There is no getting around it: she is a very sexy woman. And I hope we will see her frustrated struggles on a future update!

  7. Awesome video! Congratulations! Will we see an update of how Ariel gets on in the belt? I assume she’ll be in there for quite a while?

  8. Arial’s commentaries are few and far in between but she its really hot listening to them, how she’s really into this fetish and how exited it gets her.

  9. really want to see more of this girl in this belt please!

  10. Hi there:
    Had a chat with beautiful and smart Ariel about her doing a 30- day challenge in her preferred belt, the Goetals. She liked the idea. WHY DON?T YOU ASK HER? SHE WANTS TO DO IT!
    IT WOULD BE SUCH A GREAT EVENT FOR SUBSCRIBERS! And she is so kinky, I bet she will like to be collared, cuffed several days and wearing all the metal you can think of!


    Me: when will you do a 30 day challenge with wearing the goetalls belt? it could be very enriching for you, to be disciplined like that. the full 30 days!

    Ariel: Thank you so much for your kind words – I’d love to do that challenge – maybe you should suggest it to the webmaster? Thank you! that would be so much fun :) Ariel x

  11. haloslave says:

    REALLY REALLY want to see more of her in this belt!

  12. I their a way you could add a section with ariel reviewing all the different belts? even if they do not fit her she could use one of your other lovely models to wear it and interview her on how it feels, while I realise ariel has a busy schedule, I think that this would be an excellent extension/feature to the site

  13. How long did you keep Ariel in the carrara?

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