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Here’s Amarantha’s new report for today! Funny, the frequency of reports is increasing now. She must have something urgent to say to you!
Amarantha does have a regular job like everyone else, she is a social worker and she has meetings and all the other boring job requirements that working people have. Taking a break, outside on a park bench, Amarantha reports on her status. She now seems really torn between wanting to be challenged and the relationship problems with her boyfriend, who is not very happy about this Deal anymore.
Also, a hip style model belt can be very hard on the skin on the hip bones. The belt is very tight, but Amarantha seems to be dealing with it ok. She even reports on how she rode her bike to the supermarket! Still, she (kind of urgently but friendly) asks you to consider to let her out now. It seems to her (and to me as well), that a public vote (members and non-members) will never reach 51%, and that is a scary thought for Amarantha. It should be, she is at the mercy of anonymous people who she can not reason or argue with, anyone can just click ‘no’ on this poll and there is nothing she can do about it, except delivering us some really really convincing reports. Is this the one?

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  1. I think she must stay belted for at least 30 days… I’l vote for unbelting on the 31st day…

  2. ChastityLover says:

    It’s time to unlock Amarantha. WendyNeko is right about her accomplishment to stay in the belt this long.

    Amarantha is FABULOUS! She has accepted wearing the belt and is resigned to remain in it as long as it takes for us to release her. She has done everything we asked and more. We are so fortunate to have had this opportunity.

    Between the metalbondage updates and activities of daily living, Amarantha has really made a huge effort to please us. I am very pleased.

    Having control over another person like this is a huge responsibility, and I’m not that everyone voting here understands the concept. Amarantha has given us power by turning over her keys. That gives us the responsibility of making sure she is safe, both mentally and physically. She has endured her belt captivity longer than ever before, and the hip models definitely put a lot of pressure on the pelvis.

    It is time to let her out. With a little luck, she will come back to us for another deal when we can keep her belted much longer. She can plan for it and be prepared with her work and modeling so that it doesn’t negatively affect her life. In the future, perhaps the webmaster can limit voting to members.

    Come on folks, be reasonable. Let her out today.

  3. Hi!
    Amarantha, do you think you could stay in through this week too as I think at the end of the week you will have posted so many updates that we will get to update number 300 and then hopefully you and Donna could meet for a common film with you celebrating your gaining of “freedom” from her hands if she gets the job of giving the keys to you and then you might have a bottle of champagne together as it is jubilee day, please help us by doing so, it would be really great.

    Groetjes uit Gotenburg

  4. Yeah let her out. 11 Days is good, or maybe she could exchange the belt for something else, like having gloves locked on her hands for another 11 days!

    • Actually, wearing locked latex opera gloves for 11 days will be harder than wearing a chastity belt (considering her job, hygiene, and other issues).

    • come on guys, do you really think that she should be let out already, look at donna, she has her belt more than 80 days, and is no more experienced than Amarantha, considering her self pity report she has been proven to be quite an actress, i would not be surprised this she is doing this again!!!

      • Why do you think she choose this belt, the most obvious is that it’s a lot easier to hide, because she wears her OWN belt a lot more than she wants us to believe.
        Like you don’t judge Donna, i will not judge Amarantha, but with her im a lot more sceptic because she is a smart lady and will try to steer you in the direction she wants.
        The comments such as destroy the keys is a remark from someone who acts before they think, i problem that you and i don’t have.
        Don’t get me wrong, of course she has pains from the belt, but as far as she isn’t already used to it, she will soon as far as i am concerned

  5. Bonjour, j’ai voté oui pour sa libération.

  6. keyholder says:

    It is so disturbing how many people want to see her free. I mean the whole point of the chastity belt fetish is about the power exchange and control and orgasm denial. Yet I see so many white knights here wanting to set her free.

    This is not some wholesome “aw shucks” fetish. It is a very cruel fetish. Amarantha wants to know what it truly feels like being locked up without the key and I believe we should let her live out the fantasy no matter if she likes it or not.

    • Couldn’t agree more, she wanted a challenge, let’s give her one, honestly, i think she can last longer than Donna, a keyholder is strict.
      She mentioned that sex was getting to a problem,well it’s a problem for her, not for him,there are other entrances (look at her latest metalbondage shoot).

      • She knew what she was getting herself into from the start ( her boyfriend agreed )she is a smart lady, Donna signed a contract with NO ending ( day 84 !! ).
        The fact that she doesn’t know when this will end only adds to the fantasy.
        As far as her boyfriend is concerned if this is the reason to seperate, well you know what i think.
        This kind of a challenge is only meant for those who want to play this mindgame all the way, the others should sign up for a regular castingshoot.
        of course i am tolerant, but after her selfpity report the limits of tolerance have been limited conciderably

        • Donna wasn’t used to a chastitybelt, and immediately went for AND REACHED! 30 day’s just like you mentioned.
          quite simply because she had no choice,and still she came back. Amarantha is a a lot more used to wearing a belt, of course it won’t be indefinte, but come on 30 day’s for someone who is is used to and owns her own belt not reaching 30 day’s is quite simply ……
          have you googled her if you have, well i just don’t buy the fact that all she can reach is 12 day’s.
          30 day’s as a start.
          Remember, this lady is smart, she is playing a game with us, she can reach 30 day’s at least.
          Her boyfriend agreed to this, and now all of a sudden it is becoming a problem ( yeah right! ).
          Did you notice that she is not wearing her collar anymore.
          I respect that you emphasize the sub’s point of view, that is why there should also be someone to do the same from the keyholders point of view

        • The one that collared her isn’t there anymore

        • People, please keep it on topic, and also, please limit your number of comments (condense them into one) if you are not a member. Thank you.

        • Yes, a previos comment was that the one Who collared her is gone

      • Just who resigned for an indefinite time must wear a seat belt. Simple is not it?

    • There are many different things people get out of this fetish. Maybe their thing is to be the white knight.

    • If this a reason to seperate than their relationship wasn’t strong enough in the first place.
      I don’t think she will have that much trouble finding someone else, i think he will have a lot more trouble finding someone else.
      As far as her hipbone’s are concerned, off course there are pains and aches in the beginning, but she will get used to it.
      I think it will be a good idea to have a few update’s from Donna to have a different mindset, and then after a few weeks let’s vote again.
      So let’s keep her in the belt for a while longer, come on guys, be strict!!.

      • Dead serious, and i am sure i am not alone as well, and looking at the poll a slight majority.
        and beeing a switch i can answer your question with YES I HAVE!!

  7. According to me Amarantha is not yet ready to be released from his belt, but if want to spend a few hours without the belt you could use the equipment to avoid metalbondage you can masturbate. This could be a good conpromesso.

  8. Chastity Lover says:

    Donna is great and I love what she is doing for us. She doesn’t have a 9 to 5 job working with the public.

    A photo shoot is quite a bit different than spending weeks locked in fetish gear. Just because Amarantha has a kinky side, it doesn’t mean she is any different than any of us when it comes to daily activity and necessities.

    I’m sure she is physically able to stay in her belt indefinitely, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.
    She’s already admitted that she will stay locked as long as necessary. She is truly enjoying the denial and excitement with her boyfriend. Everyone knows that too much of a good thing takes away the fun.
    I would rather let her out now for a happy ending, and get her back again for the longer term that so many people seem to want.

    For anyone who hasn’t voted, imagine yourself locked without release by a lot of people who don’t know you and don’t understand the adjustments needed for regular bathroom use, hygiene, and changes in physical activity. Many people voting here may think of it as a game, rather than having a real person locked up.

    If this goes on too long, she won’t be back. I would rather have the time with her now and in the future, instead of just the one time. Think about it, and be reasonable and responsible with your votes.

    • I’d like you to note that Ammarantha should not be a stupid girl, given the fact that it’s a social worker, and she was asking to hold your keys and consegnargliele only when the majority of voters were in favor.

  9. I’m voting to let her out for two reasons.

    – I want to see her get out. The first thing Jade Indica did was masturbate when she got out of her belt. I’d like to see her get that release. Also seeing how Amarantha’s ass cheeks are pushed apart by the rear strap and seeing her labia practically bulging out of the secondary shield’s holes I really want to get a glimpse of her ass and pussy without a belt!

    – I want to see her get back in. Remember Amarantha came to us already wearing her belt. I think it would be exciting to be able to watch her put her belt back on and snap the lock shut. Next time we can go for a longer number of days.

    I really love that Amarantha is into this enough to own her own belt. Also the social worker/fetish model juxtaposition is neat too!

  10. Webmasters, when you close the vote?

  11. Game over!!!

    It seems to me, WendoNeko is the only reasonable person around. Guys, please be aware, we have no relationship – kinky relationship – with Amarantha. We have practically no rights at all. We are not her master, not even her keyholder. Webmaster is her keyholder, not us.

    So let us fall back onto Earth. This was a nice time for all of us, not more. We all could live out our fantasy, not more. Including Amarantha.

    I personally admire her quite a lot. Well done, old girl!!

    But I’d like to come back to my suggestion, that webmaster should keep her keys.
    Thus we all can keep our fantasy busy: when will she start ‘playing’ with that belt again?? Will she put it around her hips, through her legs? Will she even use the little lock? Of course WITHOUT locking it? Will she try to see, how much she can press it together, WITHOUT snapping it shut??

    I am sure, we shall hear from her again within months….

    Enjoy your freedom, dear Amarantha. As long as it lasts. And don’t forget, there are quite certainly women out there, who are locked up with chains and belts and the like, against their will, because their ‘masters’ have lost all common sense…

    big hugs from Daniela!! <3

  12. Don’t let her out. She decided to give us the key.she should be locked up for a month

  13. Gryphon44 says:

    I sit here and reflect on a process this young lady used to challenge herself for staying in her belt for longer than the 48 hours she was used to.

    I applaud her and also have voted to remove her belt….. There are many reasons to keep her locked in the belt, yet, an all fairness I believe that the spirit at the time she agreed to this challenge was for her own personal growth and experience.

    I believe this was fully accomplished and should allow her the opportunity to reflect on this time and duration in the belt.

    It takes time to increase duration, I would sooner have her experience here a joyful and beneficial one, rather than a negative experience, and it already sounds as though she has some work to do in her personal relationship and that was something which was unforeseen, So, I thank her completely for her generosity and willingness to give me the opportunity to participate in her release, may she enjoy her freedom until she decides to take on another challenge.

  14. @jprolanau says:

    I voted to let her out. I think she should be let out now. I am also curious when the voting closes. Does it just have to get to 51% at any stage of the vote to be let out or is it be 51% or higher when the webmaster closes the vote. That has me wondering.
    Well best of luck Amarantha. I look forward to seeing you released and hopefully getting you back in to the belt at some stage in the future for the site

  15. Stephen Miletus says:

    I would have no problem with unbelting Amarantha now. I don ‘t think she has to endure 30 or more days. However , as I mentioned before, Amarantha did try to top from the bottom, so my opinion on unbelting her is a simple “not yet”.

  16. I’d like for her to take a break so I can’t vote no but she won’t commit to return so I don’t think I can vote yes. I don’t think I can vote at all. I just wish she had said, “let me out and I’ll come back another time”. It would have been easier to decide.

  17. While I would like to see Amarantha make it to the two week goal, I can no longer bring myself to vote to keep her in the belt.

  18. as a girl who wears belt since april i say dont unlock her. it gets tense after 30days:) btw when will the vote close?

    • i dont know this is the longest time ive been so we will see but after some time u get used to it i did voted no but if i was going to say yes it would be for her relationship nothing more i think her bf should be nicer to her

    • You are one of the really hard core ones. I wonder if you’ve crossed a point where you body chemistry has calmed to the point where you’d ever miss sex.

      Dominique was contracted for a year. But you and Dona seem to be taking on that record. Would you be interested in a casting?

  19. This is my first time voting in favor of releasing her. After a certain amount of time being chastity belted, there isn’t a point in tacking on day after day. She is not serving a prison sentence. Remember what I said in a previous update. Ten days would be just fine. She’s on day 12 with a hip style belt that’s HARD on HIP BONES. Most of us haven’t worn a belt this long. Give Amarantha the benefit of the doubt. The next time she is belted, a waist style belt might be a bit easier to manage.

  20. Awesome work Amarantha! I think thats long enough personally, as has been said a few times you’ve managed a hell of a jump from 2 days to 12, so I’m voting for you to be released. Hope to see you on here again in the future though!! I hope you’ve enjoyed your experience.

  21. I thing her job is some like my… I have not problem stay in belt more than she..

  22. Iam voting to release her on day 14. I think she will return (hand over her keys) again of her own will in the future. How long next time? It would be great to do this again!

  23. This is certainly an interesting social experiment Mr. Webmaster. Like all voting situations, the reasons for voting one way or the other often become muddled.

    Voting on Amarantha’s situation should be based on the video reports she sends in.

    Not based on how long someone else can wear one.

    Not based on how much effect wearing one has on someone else’s life.

    Not based on other things she is interested in.

    And certainly not based on rampant speculation if you haven’t seen the reports.

    Oh, and I think she removed the collar so we could vote based on the person she is, not on what we think that would imply.

    Sometimes there’s nothing more dangerous than what we think we know.

  24. As a member of this site, I’m voting for her to be released. From the start, I always felt that 10 days for a first (long-term) belting would be a great accomplishment, and I still feel that way.
    I also think that Wendy’s comments deserve to be heeded, as they certainly seem very reasonable to me.
    Life first, fetish second.
    That being said, after her release, I would LOVE to see Amarantha belted for a longer period, for example a 30-day contract, but in this case, she would be doing it (as we say in French) “en connaissance de cause”… which basically means something along the lines of “with full knowledge of the facts”.
    She has done a great job, in my humble opinion, and since I would very much like to see her belted again, my vote is for her to be released now.

  25. yep she stays in

  26. StrictMaster says:

    Every chastity belt wearer will come up with all sorts of reasons why she MUST be released – that´s the nature of things with chastity belts.
    But unless there is a serious health issue there is absolutely no reason to give in. Real chastity starts when the wearer has actually given up hope to talk or trick herself out of that belt. Not before.

  27. I voted yesterday to release her from the belt, and at the time the majority were with me. I’m stunned and somewhat disappointed to see it reversed now.

    I agree with those that this should be a challenge for her. But it already has been more than a challenge! She’s already lasted, what, 5 or 6 times longer than before? And think of how difficult this is compared to Donna’s challenge. Donna knows she has planned breaks and can have that temporary relief to clean and shave accordingly. Amarantha’s challenge is open-ended, and she has no idea when she’ll be released which makes it that much more taxing mentally.

    I’m quite sure many people will be upset if the Webmaster decides to have pity on her and release from the belt for now, but in my opinion I think he may have to do just that.

  28. This poll is now closed, please vote on the most recent poll.

  29. I don’t think her boss could fire her just for wearing the belt. He’d/she’s have to make up some other reason. Curious though what he’d/she’d think about it if she’d asked?

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