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Please welcome Regina and her sister Jessy to our website! Regina emailed us, asking if she could be a Chastity Babe. She was a little afraid to get belted, so she asked us if she could bring her sister Jessy. Of course we agreed! This is the first time we did not have to find any models, they contacted us! So we skip the Casting and go straight to a Challenge update!

We spent quite some time getting the belts just perfect for these two sisters. Regina is tall with a very slim waist, so her belt required a longer crotch piece. We adjusted the front and back so the holes are positioned perfectly. Her blonde sister Jessy is shorter and she requires a completely different sized belt, both at the waist and at the crotch. The result is perfect, the belts are super tight and securely locked, no escape without a key!

So where are the keys? We put them in a combination safe on the kitchen floor. Challenge: the naked sisters have to guess the 5 digit combination. Soon they get bored and start attacking the safe with a hammer and screwdriver. They even try to pry open their chastity belts, but it simply does not work. They will need the key to open their belts or we will add a little twist to this challenge!

How will they solve this situation?


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  1. georgehs53 says:

    good to see Regina and Jessy went through with their plea to be belted. Having both sisters in the same picture is great. Jessy needs to be kept locked up in a thong style belt and should also be introduced to some of the metalbondage challenges. We may have found a new talent!

  2. chastizer says:

    Fantastic post for this week. I have to admit, when Regina started whacking on Jessy’s belt with the hammer and using the screwdriver as a chisel I was a bit concerned someone was going to get hurt. Glad no one did though. They both looked really nice and so did the belts.

    You know, a 5 digit combination wouldn’t take THAT long to guess. They could figure it out. …unless someone kept saying random numbers to throw off their count. ;)

    • Gordian says:

      As someone who uses combination locks in self-bondage and chastity games, you seriously underestimate the time to ‘crack’ a 5-digit code.
      If you take just 2-seconds to input and attempt to open each code, then assume you will need to try roughly half of the all the possible codes, (optimistic?), and work continuously (!) then it “should” take you about 20-minutes for a 3-digit combo; 3 hours for a 4-digit combo; and 30-hours(!!!) for a 5-digit combo.
      Or with breaks for sore fingers that’s over 2-days… Good luck!!!

  3. The conclusion to this one should be really interesting!

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