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Here’s the final Challenge from the initial 30 day deal in June! As suggested by some members, long before Donna arrived, there had to be a bondage challenge again, just like 2 years ago. On the day before her unbelting (which didn’t happen), I visited the apartment in the morning to handcuff her wrists to the side D-rings on her belt!
I then left, saying I would return in the evening! I couldn’t wait to see what was recorded during that day, as you can imagine! How would Donna cope all day with her wrists cuffed to her sides? Turns out it was not a very well-considered plan… as Donna told the static camera out of frustration. She couldn’t get dressed, couldn’t go to the toilet, and she also said she couldn’t eat or drink (which I don’t think is true). Of course, she could always call or text me to return with the keys, as Challenges weren’t a part of the original contract (they are now!!!).
Still, she managed to mope around the flat for over 4 hours before calling me… it is great to see her move around in this limited pose. It also occured to me that the handcuffs actually add to the chastity situation! If the belt hadn’t been 100% effective (fortunately it was), this would be a good way to enforce chastity during the night. Maybe I can try it on the next girl who will come in for a Deal, although she would have to sleep on her back all night, as Donna demonstrates in this video clip.
I came in to give her the key in the afternoon, but not before I snapped a few pictures of a very frustrated Donna (giving me the finger of course, what else). I hope this is the update some of you have been waiting for, you have requested this a long time ago, and now you finally get to see the results!


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  1. Wow…I don’t know what to say… I’m not a member right now,so I only see the pics…. but Donna’s body language and facial expressions are just amazing!
    What happened to “please-don’t-do-anything-like-this-to-her-ever-again-because-you-scare-that-poor-girl-Donna”?

    This girl looks proud, confident and yet sulky (in a sexy way) and even a little bit cocky.

    If I were to come back to her with her being in a situation like this, I’d definitely play some “power-and-control” games with her…. like:
    I: “Ooh…you’re giving me the finger? Well, see you in a couple of hours”
    She: “No please please don’t go, you have to uncuff me first”
    I: “So I have to?… Are you giving me orders now”
    She: “Please, I have to go to the toilet”
    I: “And how is that my problem?” After that I’d leave but only for a minute or so, then I’d return and make her apologize. Then I’d make her do some “tricks” and obey a few commands like a puppy… then tease her again, by showing her the keys etc.
    Of course I would unlock her… eventually ;-)

    • true… but she looks confident enough to play a game like this… this was why I wrote this here…. and not for another girl ;-) Of Course this would only be a game…and it would require Donna to play along… we all know that it’s legally impossible to limit a person’s freedom against their will…

      • so true… I regret writing: “leave that poor girl alone” after her first appearance here… the woman in these photos is a strong and confident woman whom I’d like to give a two syllable “damn” followed by you look hot in these handcuffs ;-)

  2. Awesome! That’s the kind of content I love and which makes me glad to be a member here!

    I agree with mac, if it were up to me (which I know will never happen except in my fantasies) I would make sure she behaved before unlocking the cuffs, giving me the finger would not be tolerated!

    Kudos to Donna for doing what she’s doing, thanks to her!

    • That’s the wrong attitude (by the way I’m the same guy who postet under the alias mac… it was just a misspelling that happened to me once and then my browser kept using it)…never say never. :-P

  3. Hello, where he lives now Donna?

  4. I thought girls love handcuffs. Hard to do much this way, though. How about sleeping in handcuffs?

    • nice idea… but she’d need different models with wider wristbands and maybe even some cushioning. The handcuffs shown in this update are only for daytime wear…if you’re not careful (e.g. when you’re asleep) these cuffs might gut into your flesh or block blood circulation for too long…

    • I don’t say it’s impossible… but you really should use different handcuffs… it’s not a biggie. I’m sure the webmaster should have a lot of different gear from metal bondage…

  5. Looked awesome on you Donna, though the padlocks looked uncomfortable. You look very pretty in handcuffs. I am sure you will get used to it like you did with the belt.

  6. Hehe, I wonder if she’s regretting the decision to re-sign :D
    I’d so love to do this…

  7. Donna: I loved your try with the key to the belt aswell, otherwise I don´t like you in handcuffs at all, you are to vivid for that. Please in the next days take a tour downtown Amsterdam and see the sights.

    • I agree with your comments. She always looks so happy outside. I hope they have a long hot summer, +25° or more.

  8. the savage says:

    she needs to try a full set of my own design made entirely of motorcycle chains and leather. for biker slaves

    the savage

  9. the savage says:

    maybe you guys could send me some measurements for one of your chastitybabes and i can send you a collar cuffs ankle restraints c/belt thighbands….. shiny bike chain on black leather……? inbox me at . the savage

  10. hi. could you ask donna if she would sells me her pink oozoo wristwatch? it would be amazing

  11. Donna fan says:

    how is Donna doing? hope we get a update soonish. Has she gotten her own page yet?

    • Donna is fine, doing photo shoots with some of you to earn some extra cash and living happily over here. She has received short cleaning breaks. She wants to start her own blog, but it doesn’t seem to be happening soon.

  12. Ciao Donna, quanti giorni vuoi trascorrere nella cintura di castità prima di prenderti una meritata pausa?

  13. Greatcornbow says:

    So how much longer d’you reckon you can spin Donna out remaining locked?

    What’s the record?

  14. She should have also had a collar with a long leash. What a brat! She deserved a spanking for her behavior. I am glad to see that in subsequent clips she got more comfortable being a better submissive. She is a doll, but she needs strict oversight! It was nice to see the calm and obedient girl she became after 100 days in the belt. Proof that chastity belts work.

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