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Here’s another little gem from Donna’s initial 30 day Chastity Deal! She made herself some delicious pasta in the apartment, it was so good that she forgot that you have to watch what you eat when you’re in a chastity belt! Donna is a very tiny girl with an even tinier stomach, so eating a lot of pasta really makes her belly bulge! You probably know the feeling from when you have eaten too much, but it is not very comfortable when you are locked in a tight My-Steel belt!
Donna cleared the table and had to lie down. She could barely move! The belt was pressing into her full stomach and the only thing she could do was lie down and wait. Well, there’s something else of course: she made a phone call to Italy! The static cam captured her talking to someone for a long time, but I don’t have a clue what she was saying. I need the help of an Italian member! Please send me the subtitles at (in SRT format, or if you don’t know how to make an SRT file, just send me a text file with every subtitle on a new line). You will be helping me, this website, and the other members a lot!! I’m just curious if she did say anything about me ;-) And maybe there’s something in there that tells us how she really feels about the belt, when she can speak freely in her own language to a friend.
There’s so much Donna stuff, I’m almost thinking about giving her her own website so I can do other stories here (there are some exciting developments with other girls!), but I’m not sure. I think a separate Donna site would help raise funds for a bra, collar, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, and thigh bands from My-Steel, as well as giving her the opportunity to have a ‘job’ in Amsterdam, by modelling, blogging, and webcamming for you. On the down side, I don’t think people will be paying for two chastity sites, but maybe that can be solved by offering a package deal!

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  1. Dona’s own web site:
    That also depends on how many members want to see just Donna and how many don’t

    The additional My-Steel bondage gear:
    You already have matching wrist and ankle cuffs. Whats wrong with your current gear? Are the locking systems that different? And why don’t we ever see them on You don’t really use them on this site when the girls do wear them. accept for thigh bands and the time you cuffed Dona’s hands do the other pink belt.

    I’d have liked to take a crack at it because i know some words. I’m 1/4 Italian and I can cook. but my membership just lapsed and I just don’t have the funds set aside to pay month to month consecutively. Besides; Couldn’t she have some privacy to talk to her friends and family back home?

  2. Maybe another site with the same log in as here and don’t pay much more.
    The deal is to find a good balance. Paying more to me means I can’t watch here every month and have to end my membership here. Maybe you can get extra payment by a webcam stream. If you want join the stream or chat you can ask a certain amount of money like:

    €5 – 5 hours
    €10 – A day
    €30 – a month

    It’s a bit a weird combination but well you can get extra money but won’t disadvent the members. By that you can decide to do a extra update every two weeks or some..

    • I already mentioned live webcams several times, and I have been working on it for months.

      • I meant this comment more by the idea of raising funds for more gear. I know you’re working hard for the webcam idea. With this paymentsystem you could raise more money without disadvant the already members.

  3. Please see the FAQ, thank you.

  4. Hi Donna!

    Please be our star for film number 300! A special one maybe shot the same day or something.



    • I think she would! But wouldn’t that mean you would be her Master, since you provided it?

    • David Sellmon says:

      You mean ‘like this’ in the sense of similar but from a different manufacturer? If you didn’t, I just want to point out there are cheaper collars from TAE (the flat ones) that look also very good.

      Also, I think it would be very interesting if the webmaster lets Donna pick some new (locking) items herself, she has a great taste in clothing, so I’m sure her choices would suit her very neatly :)

      • I want her to have a collar she would wear 24/7. If she would prefer the wider ones for 24/7 wear that would be OK.

      • Yes David: The stylish clothing choices of all of your models hasn’t gone unnoticed. I’m sure they’d pick out some excellent bondage gear as well.

    • Dear all

      For a collar, I would say: lockable is good.

      But I have a small suggestion for an anklet (or maybe bracelet) that just does not come off. Once locked on, it stays on until its physically cut off. It’s a bit pricy, because it obviously needs to be titanium if donna ever wants to go through an airport security.

      I hope, that this suggestion will be welcomed – of course, it’s a big thing, since it’s permanent and cannot be removed without tools and proper care.

      It is made by axsmar ( and the series is called Titanium – Hephaistos. If donna would wear such a thing with a “permanent” lock, that would be great fun. Just knowing, that this will stay on for years and years to come. Even though donna might go back to italy, she will still wear this anklet (or maybe even a bracelet). And maybe even until the end of her life.

      Engrave it to say “Chastity Babe” – it will almost be like a tattoo – but removable if really needed.

  5. Dear Webmaster, I’m not a member, so I can not see the video and I can not obviously ask you to send me it for free to translate, but if for you it’s possible to send me a voice file (mp3) of the video i can translate it for you in english in TXT file. I’m italian mother language.

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