chastity belt 

What is this? TWO Donna’s? I’m afraid not, it is just a mirror wall… But as soon as Donna saw it, she wanted to do her exercises there, it reminded her of the ballet classes from her childhood!
Sure, a girl needs to stay in shape, even in a chastity belt. Or rather: especially in a chastity belt! Donna can not gain any weight this month! But with her tiny frame, I’m not even sure if she is capable of gaining weight. She can eat lots and lots, and she still looks the same. Her waist is so incredibly tiny, I had to convince My-Steel that I wasn’t ordering a belt for a child.
Donna is still super relaxed in her belt. Just look at the things she can do! She is pretty flexible, and none of her exercises are a problem in the belt. Also, she looks amazing, standing there in her shorts and top, in front of the big mirror. I gave her the camera, so she could report on her progress, and the footage of her filming herself is incredible! You can see all the details of her belt as she even took off her shorts for you! And because of the mirror, you can see her from both sides at once!
Donna is such a natural Chastity Babe! You would never guess she was wearing one if you’d meet her in the streets of Amsterdam. In this Chastity Deal, she handles everything with such openmindedness and ease! Donna is reading all of your comments, and she has indicated she will be available for photoshoots or meetings with members, if anyone is interested!

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  1. fokusnik says:

    A wonderful update, thank you ! I would still like to see you going to bed (or doing anything else, for that matter) naked other than the belt, please !
    You are wonderful in your belt, Donna.

  2. Thanks for the update. Donna is supercute!

    Would it be possible to also include more photos of Donna?

  3. MacMatzinger says:

    Must be looking nice without clothes and only Softballerinas on here feet.
    (Softballerinas means trainings ballet shoe in leather).
    Nice girl, hope she hold this Hobby with the belt.

  4. Yes she is wearing a steel chastity belt, of course.

  5. Andreas says:

    Would it be possible to add two upper arm bracelets to Donna? It would be nice if they could be locked with a chain to a necklace or collar!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you Donna. You are amazing. Love the mirror and mirror/selfie idea. Really cool effect. Donna, if I could ask you one thing, it would be “Please consider coming to visit again next year”. I would say that in caps, bold, italics and underlined if I thought it would help. No pressure but you’ll be disappointing a lot of fans if you don’t. I look forward to more of your on the spot reporting.

  7. You’re doing great Donna, and the belt looks great on you. I think it would also look great a nice, comfortable, not too heavy, steel collar locked around your neck :)

    Next time 30 days is way too short for you.

  8. Donna looks set to become a new model for

  9. Locked_inSteel says:

    Donna is definitely a real Athletic Kinkster!

    Exercising locked in a continuous-crotch steel chastity belt limits freedom of movement. Hip-band chastity belts (the ones that sit low on the hip bone allows for better freedom of movement than Donna’s tight and waistband belt.

    Not to say that one can’t exercise in a Waistband type of belt, but it feels more restrictive and requires a lot more effort and energy! On a positive note, a waistbelt helps build strength, flexibility and endurance.

    PS. I go out often inline skating locked in my waistband steel chastity belt.

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