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You thought you’d never see the day! And to be honest, after what happened 2 years ago, I did not think I would ever meet Donna again! Until that incredibly cute (and a little desperate) webcam message… Donna literally wanted to flee the economic situation in Italy by visiting Amsterdam again.
Having very little money, she saw no other way than to contact me again for a free flight, accomodation, internet, food, and cash in the city of Amsterdam. A new Chastity Deal was made, but it took a long time before she finally boarded a plane to Holland! Yesterday, Donna finally arrived! I picked her up and took her to the same apartment where she had her 30 day ordeal exactly 2 years ago!
Donna’s custom made pink belt was sold to a fan, but I had a new one made. A red one, by My-Steel. Good quality, solid, and custom made to fit Donna’s incredibly small waist. As agreed, she would lock herself into the belt immediately upon entering the apartment and stay locked for 30 days… again! This time, there wasn’t any of the drama, and Donna was certainly less shy! This time she will definitely talk more, and she appears to be a lot more confident.
Still, seeing the device that would enclose her lower body for a month, she was not 100% at ease. She studied it for a long time before finally locking it onto herself and handing me the keys! It was a superb fit, My-Steel definitely know what they are doing!
Let’s see how Donna fares in her new Chastity Deal, which will include a little surprise, as most of you now know (but don’t tell her yet!). I am so glad to have her back in this country, safely locked, and ready to be filmed, photographed, and documented! A new Donna era has started!

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  1. Michael says:

    Welcome back Donna. Hotter than before no kidding. Enjoy this opportunity to look sexy in a chastity belt, most women will never have this opportunity. Too bad the EU nations are being squeezed dry, though. Wish you lots of luck and love from across the sea.

  2. Welcome back Donna we missed you and look forward to your chalenge

  3. Ingemar says:

    That´s good news!

    Donna, Welcome back!

    • Ingemar says:

      Donna, I love to hear your voice this time, please go on talking to the camera, that makes you more of a person and not a robot. Then, Donna sorry for asking, that change of hair-colour that you made during the last stay is it still running through from then that you are dark haired now, fits you perfect.

      • Yes, I agree very much. You have a beautiful voice, please talk as much as you want, even to the static camera. This is a big challenge. I’m sure everyone would love to hear how you’re feeling as it progresses.

  4. Hi Donna!
    Two years ago you were the reason I signed in by chastity babes. Still loving you! :)
    Sorry about my english. I’m swiss…
    All the best

  5. She deserves moore then a month in that lovely belt. Welcome back, Donna!!

  6. hello, the return of Donna is a very nice. For already established the test program that will face?

  7. Why did you book her a flight – train would have been better? She should have had the option when the 30 days have past to leave with the belt on and get the key send home – but due to metal detectors in airport this is is not possible. Please book trip by train next time ;-)

    • She’s Italian. The flight was to Holland to start her 2nd 30 day challenge. If its still on then there is still time to arrange her return trip home.

      On her last deal; she opted not to keep the belt and was paid extra cash there in the apartment.

  8. ChastityLover says:

    Sono così orgoglioso di Donna per il ritorno! Lei è bella come sempre. Sono entusiasta di guardarla ogni giorno mentre completa questa favolosa offerta.

    I’m so happy that she’s back and I can’t wait for the updates!

  9. I like the colour of the chastity belt!

    The belt seems to fit very well and I hope you find it so nicely, that you keep it for more than a month.

  10. Great to see you again Donna. Hope you have a great time in Amsterdam and that you can wear your belt without problems.

  11. OmahaKing says:

    Donna was the reason I joined! YES! Welcome back!

  12. That belt is so nice ;-)

    If she walked around at my place with that belt – the belt would stay on for quite long. It looks so nice!

  13. No breaks! Showering works really well, and we got a cleaning syringe from My-Steel.

  14. fokusnik says:

    Una cosi bella ragazza ! E per lei che ho comprato un accesso a questo sito !
    I can’t wait to see the coming updates.
    Vorrei vedere la mia amica in una cintura come questa…!

  15. It’s a thin rubber sleeve heat shrunk onto areas where the red liner terminates. There is another one at the back where the liner also terminates. They don’t do the same on the waistband on either side of the lock because the waistband is adjustable (3 holes on each side). Adjusting out would be fine but to adjust in you have to remove a little of the liner because the liner is sized for the center adjustment.

  16. 我喜欢贞操带的颜色!

  17. Intermittent Subscriber says:

    I realise that different people enjoy different things about the fetish, and I think that’s great. The part of the fetish I enjoy the most is the denial/frustration aspect, and I generally tend to subscribe for a month to pick up the videos that have those elements when I see they’ve come up. (I really enjoyed the videos with Jade Indica and Little Caprice.)

    With a someone like Donna, who as far as I can see is not actually a pornographic actress, that’s obviously not really practical. She probably isn’t going to want to do those kind of things, and if she feels that way then fair enough. So whilst these new videos look great, I think it will be a while before I will be subscribing again, unless Donna is happy doing more stuff than I get the impression she is.

    Just my “two cents” as they say, since I hope getting a feel for your customer base is helpful.

  18. Glad to see Donna back! Joined the site :D
    By the way, is there a specific purpose for the d-ring underneath the belt? It seems to be making some noise..

    • That D-ring is for the thigh bands (so they can’t be moved down when the girl bends her legs). But I didn’t have the cash to purchase thigh bands or a chastity bra for Donna. My-Steel stuff is very expensive.

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