chastity belt 

Of all the applications we received (and continue to receive), Yu’s email stood out. She is a very classy Taiwanese lady, travelling around Europe, staying wherever she can, and making money in the most interesting ways. Well, this Casting should certainly be one of the most interesting!
The other thing about Yu is that she is a very natural submissive woman. Very elegant, silent, and graceful. She was locked into a tight chastity belt and bra, and a collar, and she immediately went into this mode of servitude. She actually became more submissive (and turned on!) by wearing this gear! Girls like this (for example Jessica) are rare, so we can’t all have one, but at least we can enjoy watching someone getting completely into the feeling of wearing tight chastity gear.
Without telling her to, Yu strips off her classy Asian dress to reveal her chastity gear, then proceeds to kneel down, neatly folding her arms behind her back. Now that’s a Casting session! With no place to spend the night, and not feeling like hauling her huge suitcase around in search of a cheap hotel, Yu asked if she could spend the night. Sure! No problem!
Two conditions: there will be cameras (of course) AND Yu had to do an extra shoot for the next day (still in the chastity gear of course). Yes, I sure like to get my money’s worth out of these Castings!


4 comment(s) to “Yu – submissive and ready”

  1. Would it be possible to have more updates where we see the girl put chastity gear on or even better put on by someone else?

    Yu was great by the way!

  2. Jephro says:

    Fantastic! Yu is absolutely gorgeous and so submissive looking in this shoot. Certainly hope there is a follow up video for this single shoot with plugs inserted and locked inside Yu. Please bring Yu back for more shoots. It is great to see more and varied Asian models on this site.

  3. Edward Tse says:

    Yu is the warrior of chastity protection. Be brave, Yu!

  4. WOW! Yu is absolutely gorgeous and such a delight to see a lovely and beautiful Asian model in chastity. Please bring Yu back for more shoots!

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