chastity belt 

We continue to have our Casting sessions, because it is a great way to get more girls belted, and the emails just keep coming in! Jessica is a terribly cute girl who thought it would be really ‘funny’ to try a shoot in chastity. Well, we are always happy to make wishes comes true, especially in this case! This girl could be the submissive discovery of the year! Jessica actually folds her arms behind her back all by herself, as if she instinctively knows this pose belongs to a Casting like this, even though she might be a little too young to know such things.
18 years old, this girl rivals even Little Caprice for cuteness! Jessica seems shy, but she actually was having lots of fun! We locked her in a tight chastity belt, a chastity bra, and even a collar. There was no way this gear was coming off soon, we just had to admire so much submissive cuteness for the rest of the day. In fact, it was already getting late, so we told her she could sleep over in our studio bed, but Jessica seemed a little reluctant to do so. She quickly put on her clothes, and looked at the camera, waiting…
Her pleading eyes were asking us to let her out, but (barely resisting) we gave her a choice: stay for the night, or leave wearing all the chastity gear. Tune in next week to see what happened!!


10 comment(s) to “Casting sessions – Jessica”

  1. Way to enlist a new girl for any of this site or even for mb

  2. She is quite wow like. Love the way she looks, her longer hair. Also the gear really looks amazing on her ;)

    She indeed has a great cuteness factor.

  3. Hi!

    Do you always ask the girls to have low-rise jeans when coming?

  4. Beautiful girl with angelic face and very expressive.

  5. Jessica, I love you in a chastity belt. Let’s put it this way: the more you submit, the more I like you. I love that smile and long hair, too.

  6. Elenebach says:

    what is her full name

  7. She is very pretty. Just the kind of girl who should be wearing a chastity belt (well, all women should)

  8. Is she a porn actress? Where can I find a video where she appears?

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