chastity belt 

Deborah wasn’t holding it together anymore on day 5, after the collar challenge. She had a total breakdown during the collar night and the next day wasn’t much better. She hadn’t slept at all, and she was only thinking about getting the belt off her body.
After returning home, she was back at Silvie’s place within 20 minutes. Deborah wanted to quit. She told Silvie to call me to come bring the key to her chastity belt. The reality of being locked in a tight metal device was hitting her hard. A chastity belt is uncomfortable (especially when you have never been belted before), but the mental aspect of wearing one is much bigger.
Now it was up to Silvie to convince Deborah to continue, even if they were only half way, and there were more challenges to come. Taking her friend into the living room, she manage to calm her down and even make her smile. Deborah agreed that it was stupid to give up now, they would not get any money and they would basically have spent 5 days in a chastity belt for nothing.
The girls even recorded a selfie video to let everyone know they were not going to quit, although the next 5 days would be incredibly hard.

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  1. Hello Silvie & Deborah,

    You’re doing very well, I thought I’d pen a few words that may help.

    I know from experience that wearing a belt can quite literally be pain, just try to relax and keep your eyes on the prize (cash). Remember, life is all about experiences, good and bad, happy and sad, this one will probably be a little of each. Finally, try and think of it as modelling work, you are both great looking ladies and it’s not a bad way to earn some cash. Trust me, there are a lot more perilous jobs out there, I’ve done some of them, lose the plot doing those and you can lose more than a night’s sleep!

    So chins up ladies, not that you get a lot of choice in a posture collar, and keep smiling.

    Nelly xx

    P.S. Probably not the best time to mention this but if you ever do this again, a custom fitted belt makes a huge difference in the comfort department. I know us guys have other chastity device options but I still ended up making my own full belt.
    Women, well my wife anyway, seem to like seeing men in belts too!

  2. Great, now it looks as it normally does!

  3. All girls from the age of 13 should be belted! What is she crying about?

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