For new visitors and members who keep asking themselves who this Donna girl is: Donna is a girl from Italy who came over to Amsterdam two years ago for a 30 day Chastity Deal in exchange for using our Amsterdam apartment and food (and a little cash).
Now, Donna wants to come back to do it again. In a new belt. This time, the belt is made by My-Steel to Donna’s exact measurements (a little smaller even). As before, the belt will be a surprise to Donna, so I can not show it here. There is also a little surprise for Donna ;)
She will be in the belt for 30 days again, that’s the full duration of her stay in Holland. There will be supervised cleaning breaks and 24/7 cameras, so we can guarantee 100% that Donna will be chaste for 30 days.
Members and non-members can email me to get a picture of the belt, but Donna will only get to see it when she arrives. So don’t spoil the surprise yet ;)

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  1. I’m looking forward to see Dona again! ;-)

  2. ChastityLover says:

    Donna is going to be really great this time. With her new belt, the challenges, our better treatment of her, and her positive attitude, I’m sure there will be a lot of enjoyment. I think she will be much more comfortable since she has the previous experience and the new belt is better.

  3. Hello Donna I too am Italian and I will follow you in your new adventure in chastity. Best of luck.

  4. chastityman says:

    The return of Donna, i’m so happy :)

    It’s possible to send for me a pic new chastity belt for Donna ?


  5. I am looking forward to seeing Donna in her new belt as well as seeing her in additional challenges, like having her wrists chained to her belt or her also wearing a straitjacket for several hours.

    • In her previous deal: I had already suggested connecting her wrists to her thigh bands because of her arm length. I figured that would be more comfortable. But at the time, the webmaster insisted against any farther forms of bondage on this website.

  6. Looking forward to seeing her again.

    Please send me the photo too


  7. I would enjoy seeing a new type of belt on this site. I was hoping that you could have more on the thong style with the cable or single chain between the cheeks.

    • Her original belt was already intended as a sports style one which they had later attempted to modify as such in CB 069 which only made it harder for her to bend over. So they had to replace the rear shield. An ergonomic belt might fair better.

  8. Its great to see Donna again!

  9. chastity says:

    Hallo, It is great! can you send me picture, her new chastity belt?

    Thenk you!!

  10. Nice! Can’t wait to see her again. I really hope we can put her in long latex gloves and cuffs for the duration…

  11. Hi!

    How was it, was it this deal that was going to in part be possible for us members to request/ask for things enroute?
    And possible have a dialogue with Donna?

  12. I am looking forward to seeing Donna again. Hope that everything that both and Donna learned from the previous chastity deal will make this new deal much better for both parties involved.

  13. keyholder says:

    I hope you tape the belting first instead of doing the pictures first.

  14. Long latex gloves? Why would they do that? I understand the bondage requests since CB goes hand-in-hand with bondage for some people (and the cuffs made some interesting videos on her last 30 day challenge), but latex gloves seems unrelated.

  15. Bonjour, Il est super! pouvez-vous m’envoyer l’image, sa nouvelle ceinture de chasteté? Merci

  16. I’m really looking forward to seeing Donna happy, but securely locked up, for 30 days.

  17. LoveBondage1960 says:

    Hell was it 2 years ago Donna was first put in Chastity Belt, I must admit didn’t relies it was that far back.

    Very much looking forward to seeing Donna again on this site, and like to see Picture of this new belt ?

    I also looking forward to seeing what challenges you will have for Donna ?

  18. hello, I would ask if Donna has already signed the contract of chastity if you can get a copy?

  19. Welcome back soon Donna! I hope this time we will again also see her in full chastity (belt, bra and thigh cuffs connected tightly together). BUT this time I would also like her to go outside in full chastity (with clothes of course if she is around people), I think this would be a first for this site. But I would also like to see her on the beach in full chastity without clothing of course :-)

    Maybe try some plugs also ;-)

  20. I would like to propose Donna as the castity babe 250 what do you think?

  21. Hello, It’s great! can you send me the picture, her new chastity belt? thank you

  22. Alexander says:

    AN idea for her belting. Ideally it be done by one of the regular chastity babes (Jenny C or Dominque), and once the lock snaps close, I would really appreciate a very chaste kiss by the belter.

  23. Hi!

    I see that her new belt lacks D-rings on the sides, does that mean that thigh-bands are out of the picture this time?

    • I have time to fit D-rings before she comes.
      Problem is that I can not afford thigh bands or a bra from My-Steel, they are so expensive :(
      Maybe we can crowd fund this or else I will use my own gear.

      • If it comes to a crowd funding we might be able to order a special bra aswell with D-rings that to to be able to connect it with the belt and the bands and making an “overall”.
        I have heard of such constructions but never seen one being used.

    • young_engr says:

      You could use your own.
      While interests may vary (if I may be so bold) I think what everybody would love to see is a glamor shoot of a very excited belted woman trying to obtain relief. (Sweating muscles flexing). Also you have to have somewhere for her to lie back safely in the shower so maybe a slightly reclined surface instead of cuffs?

  24. Donna, if you already read our comments here, I would have loved to hear what you thought last time when sitting in the sofa with the belt in front of you on the table, please this time “think loudly”.

  25. hello, have you thought about how to avoid self stimulation or anal penetration?

  26. Hi!

    Any specific dates that Donna will be in Amsterdam?

  27. Ingemar says:

    Please inform us when she comes!

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