Just wanted to give you a quick overview of the current applications we have under consideration. We receive a lot of emails from girls and women who are interested, but most of the time we can not come to a Chastity Deal, because:
– they live too far away (we are in the Netherlands, a lot of the applications are from the USA)
– it turns out they are actually a guy / transgender / transvestite (we get these emails A LOT, nothing wrong with that, but please mind the title of this site)

Some of them want a deal but they don’t want to get filmed / photographed. In April, we had a Swedish girl over to test a belt for a weekend. She left with the belt, and she is probably wearing it a lot now!

But on the bright side, these deals are looking good:
– Yasmine wants to do a Chastity Deal for cash
– 2 local Dutch girls are also interested in making cash if they can be in the same Deal (for supporting each other)
– Donna contacted us, she wants another deal (desperate for cash)
– a Japanese girl going to Amsterdam to study wants pink full chastity (and keep the gear afterwards)
– a Swiss girl is interested in coming over for a weekend Deal
– a well-known US adult fetish model wants to be locked up and document her feelings and experiences

A lot going on, so it should be a nice summer here on ChastityBabes.com!

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  1. Rosa Stone says:

    Donna wants to come back? Woo!
    I say she should be locked in full gear, with a collar and cuffs added as punishment if she acts grumpy… But I’m not a member, so I guess I don’t get a say! Still, awesome!
    And all the other girls sound exciting too, especially the local girls!

  2. Looks like some great options!

    – there are already a lot of great (yet partially completely unrealistic) ideas for yasmine among the coments on her latest update.

    – 2 girls at once could be promising – as a German, I might be able to understand a little of what they’d say.

    – Donna imho is not such a great idea. That poor girl was really suffering would you really want her to go through all of it again? If she’s desperate for cash, have her in some fantasy updates!

    – What would the deal with the Japanese girl be? Would you make her wear the belt all the time? For how long is she going to study in Amsterdam? for a semester? For several years?? ;-)

    – A weekend deal is imho not very exciting. I mean it should be a chalenge of some sort. 2 days without having sex is not a chalenge.

    – A US model who’s able to speak about being locked up would be the jackpot for this site. She might be expensive, though….

    A deal I’d really love to see:

    So far, all of your deals have focused on the chastitybelt/gear itself.
    I’d love to see a deal where the focus is on the chastitybelt as a means to an end.
    For that, you’d need a girl that has been owning a belt for quite a while and has really got used to wearing it. Then, make it a real CHASTITY chalenge – not a WEARING A CHASTITY BELT chalenge.
    One example for a chanlenge like that could be that you send her and her boyfriend on a dream vacation.
    Or – if she’s single have her wear the belt for 60-90 days, so that:
    is the real chalenge, not

  3. Chuckles says:

    I’d love to see the US girl and read/hear about her feelings. Send her the belt in a sealed package and have her record a video in which she opens the package, puts on the belt and places the key in a lockable case which she has to seal with a numbered plastic lock, which she will send back to you.
    This way, she could stay in the US and could document her everyday life in her belt.

    • Ingemar says:

      A sealed way of keeping the key yes but no key in Europe and the girl in the US please, what if she ends up in the emergency room?

      • They’ll have her out of that belt in no time if they needed to but for what kind of injury would they have to, anyway?

        But your right. Chuckles Idea is way to complicated. It would be much easier to send her an open lock and a sealed box with the key in it…. that would do the trick and she could free herself

  4. I don’t know if you would consider this but if there seems to be a lot of applicants from a certain country, like the USA as you just said, would you consider setting a place there so you have two locations for chastity babes, one Amsterdam and one somewhere in the USA?

    • Lovecraft says:

      Seconded! I would LOVE to see a place in the US!
      Do all of the girls in the US get turned down? Are any of them allowed to travel to somewhere closer to do the deals? I’m oh so curious :3

    • Lovecraft says:

      Please, please, PLEASE bring us something closer to home!!

  5. Hello I am a german woman and I know, that my englisch is not so good but i understand it better then write it. I have just write my first two things in the yasmin forum and now i see that you have maked this formum, too. I also have a chastity belt but I don’t be beautiful and I have a other job. I love your side so much because i am lesbian. your girls look very much good! I want to see all! But not in your studio. I think the man or the women with the name RTS has said something very good in the other forum. Also the idea with the points form another man is good but not equal so good. What RTS has said is the best idea because it is good when the girl is not by you in your house. It is better when she is by herself.
    I have never a member been but i want very much become a membership soon. Your internet side is great.
    Make further so!

    • Danke Fraulein…Ich bin ein Deutscher Mann in Sud Afrika.

      I also own my own Neosteel chastity belt, and my ex-fiance also had her own belt…unfortunatelly we were not meant for each other.
      There was nothing as sexy and frustrating as wearing the belts for a few days and going about ordinary life situations, like eating out at a restaurant, going to the cinema, swimming, shopping, in other words a normal life whilst totally locked up.
      I am a paid up member here, and probably will stay on if the site develops as mentioned, even though I have my own belt, it is still awesome to see women also locked up, although sometimes the play acting/theatrical side is a bit too “un-real”, I really do enjoy the chastity-deal’s, but would like to see some “HONEST” every day life, not in the controlled environment situations, a commentary of how she is coping with it in every day life would be really nice.

      Greetings from Johannesburg

  6. I would love to see Sasha Grey, Tori Black, Chastity Lyn, Beau Hesling, Markéta Jánská, Dominika Jandlova or Sandra Nilsson in a very tight chastity belt for at least half a year with their legs locked together, a chastity bra, vaginal plug and butt plug and a collar all the time. You would have to pay them millions of dollars but you would get millions of members too.

  7. Poisonvienna says:

    No brainer! Take the 2 local girls and make it a competition. Only the one who lasts longest will get all the money!

  8. Michael says:

    I’d love to see Donna again. – with one big difference. I don’t want to see her scared and unhappy. My suggestions for a new Donna deal:

    – This time 60 days
    – 2 supervised cleaning breaks per week.
    – Belt only, no aditional gear has to be added
    – Give her some privacy let her stay in italy and live her normal life while belted.
    – Send your camera man to italy, not Donna to Amsterdam
    – No camera during the night
    – Maximum of 4 hours of filming per day
    – film her everyday life in her social environment (of course only with those friends and family members who know what she’s doing and are supportive)
    – send her to a night club at least once or twice

  9. Ingemar says:

    Great news that Donna wishes to come back!
    Could you ask the girls that come for their deals from now on to be a little talkative in front of the camera?
    Another question, are you going to keep posting new films twice a week? If so, could it be possible that the “main story” running could come on Friday and those castings or whatever just a separate film comes on wednesday?

    • It is currently the other way round, if you want you could wait until Friday to watch the Wednesday update, but I am not going to change the sequence. The site will continue to be updated twice a week, even if I only added the Wednesdays for the Donna deal, I feel that the member deserve updates twice a week now with the sites growing popularity.

  10. Still hoping to see more of the things you already filmed. More of Donna Day 29 please ;)

  11. TheCarl says:

    Hi, I was a member until my three months ran out recently. Certainly thinking of coming back later, if even half of the announcements come to fruition.

    I’m surprised that Donna wants to come back, she didn’t seem all that enthusiastic at the end. Her month was the reason I originally signed up, so I’d love to see her back. But some things would have to change, though I don’t know which.

    The diary is certainly a great idea, funnily enough I want to read that even more than I would want to see the videos and pictures. I find the mind the most erotic piece of anyone.

    I want it as real as possible for a website as this. When the camera moves, then I know that there is a camera man (or woman) there, so the subject might as well interact with him or her. That’s why I think I found the parts where Donna gave him/her the finger the most interesting. (For some reason, Natalie’s complaining never did the same thing for me. I don’t even know why.) Anyway, the cameraman should ask her some questions. Maybe just how she feels, how she is coping with the belt, what her plans are for the day, et cetera.

    Most of the suggestions you have given sound really hot, and I would like to see them all come to fruition. (Hmmm, does that swisse girl have a partner? I’d really like to see her face when at the end of the weekend you explained to her that you had sent the keys of to her partner, rather than hand them back to her >;-)

    Anyway, I’ll stay curious and will be coming back her regularly.

  12. ex member but considering renewing soon. How about something competitive. 3 or 4 girls (that don’t know each other) locked in full chastity with the money for all the group going in a prize fund to whoever lasts the longest naturally a minimum time should be set before payment is made maybe 2 weeks and possibly add some more money in the pot for each full week it goes on for. The girls should not know each other to avoid deals on spiting the money.

    Only the winner gets paid this could get interesting as the girls compete. A alternative to all in full chastity would be at the start once locked in their belts have the girls draw straws to see which one gets full chastity then once a week have her toss a coin to see if they need to draw straws again. This would give her a 50% chance of having to stay in full Chastity and even if she won the toss she would still have a chance of drawing the short straw again. Keep this going until the competition is over and there is a winner.

  13. japanfan says:

    Japanese Girl PLEASE!

  14. Excellent news.

    I think having Donna back would be a great idea. She had an innocence about her.

    The two girls would be a nice addition. I feel just having one at a time is sometimes, not always, a bit dull. With two girls, though, I agree there needs to be more dialogue about their feelings and what they are personally experiencing.

    Finally, a Japanese girl would be a welcome addition. You rarely see Japanese women in chastity belts and I would definitely keep my membership for something like that.

    I’d leave the rules to the webmaster’s choosing. I just like to see what comes of each girl and how they react.

    Thanks for the continuing good work.

  15. Boris G. says:

    Just wanted to leave my thoughts for this.

    As was said by somebody else above, the two Dutch girls could make a great competition. They both get money for doing a deal with you, but then whoever lasts longer gets a bonus. This way you’d actually get to document growing frustration, not just the discomfort at wearing the belt.

    I’d love to see the Japanese girl coming to study, and it sounds like she’s actually into chastity if she wants to keep the gear. How long would you get to keep her keys? What kind of documentation of it all would you get?

    The US Fetish model sounds interesting, but that’s dependent on length of the deal somewhat. Just a day or two of wearing wouldn’t make for that interesting a session.

    As for Donna coming back, I don’t know. You want the girls coming in for deals to either be into chastity, or inexperienced. We know how Donna would react now pretty much and I don’t think there’s a lot to be gained from having her go through a deal again. Maybe just having her for a Friday glamor update would be better.

    As another poster above said, the key with chastity deals is it would be nice for them to be about the frustration of chastity setting in, not just wearing the belt. Granted that’s a hard thing to capture on video and film.

  16. Michael says:

    I’d love to see some variation in outfits for girls taking part in longer term chastity deals – so far there has been no hosiery (tights/pantyhose) or office wear (skirt suits or smarter dresses) and this would be a great and feminine addition. Jeans are fine – but please give us a pretty girl locked in a belt wearing pantyhose over it!

  17. Anal pls says:


  18. boman61 says:

    I would like to see Dominique belted again together with her mother Francis. Nothing is like seeing a fully grown and mature woman om chastity. Maybe if only for a couple of days. That would be really great.

  19. Max has some excellent points there!

    – Donna was sporting enough through out the whole deal but she did look like she was suffering (not in a good way). BUT if she has had a retrospective enlightenment that she likes it, then it should be GREAT!

    – a challenge to wear the belt on a scenario where sex/orgasm is a real opportunity is great! in fact i would sign up with my girlfriend if this chance came up! Lock her up and we go to the beach/island/vacation thing for 5 days.

  20. roadie12 says:

    maybe have her model her new gear with the Japanese cosplay girls, might be a worthwhile update

  21. Hey…a session with a plug would be great.

    greetings, fxfxfx

  22. WaveRider34 says:

    I would love to see a scene where a girl in chastity is taken to get a piercing or tattoo in only her belt. Donna had some attractive tattoos and piercings. Maybe you could offer her with time out of the belt (but hands restrained to prevent unauthroized releases) if she got her nipples pierced or added to her lower back tattoo?

  23. Yes a session with butt plugs would be great!

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