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After her horrible day at the office, Misha did not go to work again in her 10 day Deal. We don’t know how she managed that, but we suspect she called in sick. We think she overreacted a little there, but she really had problems driving her car, so she decided to stay at home to serve out the rest of her Deal.

It wasn’t any easier (not going to work), but it was certainly more fun. Spending the whole afternoon in their garden, out in the sun, for example, was one of the couple’s favorite pastimes. Like many of you have commented before: that is going to give her some interesting tan lines! But we always say: tan lines are only visible when you actually take the belt off, and chastity belts are not meant to be taken off.

We were not there during this day of the Chastity Deal, but they obediently pointed a tripod camera towards the garden where they were sun bathing, and Paul even grabbed the camera himself, to make some (shaky) closeups of his girlfriend’s body locked tightly in the rigid style chastity belt. We don’t know how Paul coped with this torment, such a beautiful girl under lock and key, but we guess there are other ways to find some pleasure if your girl is locked into a chastity belt!

This is a real Chastity Deal, with consenting participants, there is no acting. Never belt a girl against her will! Remember these updates are not shot in a studio so picture quality may vary.

English subtitles are included in the member download!

8 comment(s) to “Sun bathing”

  1. the rigid chastitybelt, looks SO MUCH BETER when combined with a bikini than the chain style

  2. roadie12 says:

    if she will agree to another chastity deal, perhaps include condition that she wear a chastity bra looks like she’s been modeling before

  3. is it possible to have a separate download file for just the translations file, as I already have the main video, and don’t want to download the entire zip file all over again.

  4. Tobytja says:

    I seriously doubt she called in sick, that’s not how it works in Czech Republic. If you are sick, you have to have a proof from a doctor. And I guess she wouldn’t go with this to any doctor, even if it were a friend. My guess is, she just took a vacation. Law guarantees 20 days of vacation per year, and most employers grant 5 days more as a benefit for their employees. If I count correctly, she was 7 days off work, and if she has those 25 days per year, it’s not such a big deal. Further more, if you are sick, you don’t get paid for the first three days of your absence and then you receive a portion (don’t know how big though) of your salary for the rest of the days. So it’s not a good idea to be sick for seven days, you’d get paid (I guess) some two days salary for that. But if you take a vacation, usually you get slightly more, than if you work. That depends on situation. Sometimes it’s a little less, but more often it’s a little more (like 1% difference)

  5. From which manufacturer is that chastity belt?

    • They are a Chinese make. They were available at the partner link below but they seem to be out of stock.

      You can find them on ebay, I think one of the suppliers is dhgate.

      They are a great starter belt to try before you invest money in a custom belt. They are also the most adjustable metal belt available. I had one for a while, I’d definitely recommend starting with one till you figure things out.

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