chastity belt 

Young redhead bondage babe Alexia Valentine is talking to you, dear keyholder. Huge eyes, cute baby face, pale skin, towering high heels, collared, big boobs squashed into the small chastity bra, and securely belted, Alexia wants to get out of her gear and the building. Will you let her go?

Speaking softly in her Scottish accent, Alexia does her very best to convince you to let her out of the gear. She can not possibly go out like this! The dress she brought is a strange assymetric piece of cloth that does not even cover her right bra cup. And the slave collar, tightly locked on, is impossible to hide. It would be horrible for her to go out like this!

You will probably give in, after hearing her plea, but try it for yourself: watch the video clip and decide if you would have let her out. If not, please comment on how long Alexia Valentine should be belted. Remember, she is a pure submissive girl, and very much into power play, so don’t go too easy on her… if you can survive her cute begging!


12 comment(s) to “Can you resist Alexia Valentine begging?”

  1. I think that an whole year contract should be enought….

  2. roadie12 says:

    Alexia needs a few more photoshoots in chastity gear. It would be interesting to see what contract she would agree to, such as one like Natalia Forrest recently had signed

  3. I’d say let her out of the bra but not the belt. That stay on for a minimum of a week.

  4. she’s really super sweet. I’d let her out of that collar….and maybe get her into one of these other chastity bras? I would want to make her wear thigh bands though ;-) ;-) Just kidding…:D except for the fact that I’m not. ;-) She’s sweet and all that. I definitely have to giver her some credits there. But in order to even remotely convinve me as a keyholder, she would have to try harder.
    nice update!

  5. If her dress doesn’t cover her bra, what would it not cover with no chastity bra on?

  6. Traumaemt says:

    My apologies Alexia, but you should have thought about it, and what you were coming here to do before deciding to wear that dress.

    I will, though have to change out the bra for a larger size bra, to a size that fits better, and is more secure, and then you can leave. In addition, I must require you, because you are being so pouty about all of this, to wear strict stride thigh bands. After I get done installing those, along with a little “gift” inside the belt, you are free to leave, but you must come back in a week for a checkup and for hygiene reasons, and do this every week for a month!!

    OOOHHH, I love that pouty face!!!

  7. JustADreamer says:

    I would make her do 30 days but make her wear the other bra if she can. she can play too much in this one ;)

  8. I would give her a ballgag to stop the begging and let her out of the chastity bar but she couldn’t wear any other bra either.

    And then there would be other penalties when she got home.

  9. Tobytja says:

    No way she’d get any mercy from me :-) I’d keep her locked in there until it’s time for her to become a mother. And after that six weeks period after birth, back in the belt again. There are many other ways how she can take care of man’s sexual needs, even with her pussy locked in a belt.

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