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Can a girl shower and complain at the same time? Sure! Especially Natalia, who (while showering) is constantly finding new things to complain about. She knows she has to shower in full chastity, so she skipped a few daily showers for convenience, but a girl needs to clean herself, so she took at least 2 showers (that we know of) in her five days.

Either Natalia is expanding or the full chastity outfit is shrinking, because her newest finding is that the gear is digging into her skin more and more. Agreed, it is very tight, but that’s how it was from the start. Natalia can not clean underneath her belt, or underneath her bra. She can shift the thigh bands a little, so that is no problem.

To clarify: she can not clean underneath the waist belt and the vertical piece on her stomach. However, she can rinse to clean her pussy, there is some room there, and it would even be easier if she had accepted our offer to remove the secondary shield for cleaning…. but no… she was angry about it, saying that would not help (check this update for her reaction to that offer).

It is great to see how Natalia still manages to get clean and fresh, even with all of that complaining and even crying a little along the way. She is just such a spoiled girl, she really can not deal with not having things her way…

Remember the Chastity Deal updates are not shot in a studio so picture quality may vary. Member pictures and videos are not censored in any way. Also, we would like to point out that this deal was done under supervision and contract. Please do not lock someone in chastity unless you can watch them and care for them 24/7. Natalia made it and is doing fine now. Thank you for your concerns.

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  1. You should give Natalia a new contract, this time, a disciplinary chalenge.
    The deal. Only 4 days in chastity, same amount of money – BUT, everytime she complains about her belt/uses a swear word/offensive gesture, one day will be added. That should teach her how to behave!

    • She will never get out!

      • or eventually stop ;-) Just kidding… maybe that suggestion is too extreme but I could Imagine that many members would be interested in contracts that require a model to actually do something in order to get out. Otherwise you’ll always have the same situation. 30 days only a belt 5 days, full gear, 10 days half the gear etc. it will soon become redundant.

        • Well this contract required Natalia to finish it or she wouldn’t get paid. That’s quite a big incentive, especially for girls who love holidays and shopping.

          • of course it is… i didn’t mean to critizise this update…it was more like a sugestion for further updates.

            e.g. : The girl has to wear a belt for at least 10 days but only if she acompishes a “To-do list” otherwise, time will be added. Things on that list could be:

            – flash the belt in public
            – go to a gym
            – go grocery shopping etc.
            – make a video in which you answer member’s questions

            If you start adding such things, your chalenges would never be the same and thus never get boring.
            I didn’t mean to say that this one was boring ;-)

          • Agreed. Especially the Q&A.

  2. I agree

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