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Although it was technically not in the contract, we were quite eager to lock the remaining gear onto Natalia. There were still wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, and a collar lying around, waiting since day 1 to be put to use. But because of Natalia’s high stress levels, we were a little afraid it might send her over the edge.

On day 3 we finally told her that we were going to lock on the padded 5 point restraints. Natalia did not take it very well, as expected. She called her best friend immediately after we left, although you will see that she did not receive much support from the UK.

Natalia started panicking (and crying of course). She wanted to quit, because of the extra restraints. It was just too much for her. Waiting for us to return, she prepared to to tell us she was going to break the contract and leave (without the money). She even started packing. Fortunately we were able to calm her down and remind her of the money, the fact that she was over half her time in chastity, and her big holiday she was planning to take. We are not sure her UK friend was still invited though…

Remember the Chastity Deal updates are not shot in a studio so picture quality may vary. Member pictures and videos are not censored in any way. Also, we would like to point out that this deal was done under supervision and contract. Please do not lock someone in chastity unless you can watch them and care for them 24/7. Natalia made it and is doing fine now. Thank you for your concerns.

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  1. It makes one wonder – if she were to walk out on the contract, what then? She still had no keys. I just imagine her getting half way down the street before thinking, “Huh… I didn’t think this one through…”

  2. What about “They’ve put more stuff IN me” ? :-) I think, as Natalia already had tried it, a plug would be a good addition. And an anal plug of course too, to stop her from whining all the time!

  3. David Sellmon says:

    Maybe try the next Chastity Deal to be longer in time but less harsh (more a la Donna), so the model has a chance of actually getting used to its gear and not seeing it primarly as torture.

  4. I don’t think it was as good an idea to hold off on the restraints as you thought it was. All together would have been just as bad. plus she would need long sleeves and full length dresses or pants without her thigh bands locked together.

    At this point she’s scared and wondering how much farther you would go.

  5. I wish I was there just to talk her through it. Even if I have to stand off camera and wear the same gear with a penis tube, a chest harness and the thigh bands chained through a D-ring at my groin.

    I’m an open book on this subject. When her tummy hurt and she should but can’t remove her waist belt because of her contract. I recommend a stool softener, liquid foods like jello and/or a looser waist belt.

    She was on metal bondage before but she should know you don’t anchor the gear on this site. And she should have the clothing she needs to hide it so she can go out that week. If she doesn’t, then she needs to get it some how.

  6. Nice shot of her backside but my since of humanity spoils that. I hate to see her coming apart.

  7. She had many clues to anticipate several things (lack of activities, adapted clothes, what will happen as she already did some previous shots).
    I don’t blame her but she is in the same time a bit responsible of this despair.

    Difference with Dona … Dona did something far more difficult (I can attest it as I did theses experiences several times), expecially for a first wear. The biggest difficulty was the length and she was knowning it since the beginning.
    The “added stuffs” were just making it more difficult but it wasn’t changing the goal of the deal : the length.

    For Natalia, it’s different, the biggest difficulty is about the restriction itself and you added more on this. I can understand she feels traped.

    • We share the same point. From day one Natalia hoped the week would go buy fast. but cooped up in that apartment counting the minutes makes it seem like an eternity. Hence here feeling of captivity. If she hasn’t the cloths to cover it. Then either someone needs to bring her an outfit so she can go out shopping, Or she needs metaphorically shop in the nude.

  8. lockedwife says:

    i could wear all that gear. I am into 13 weeks of a one year deal for my locked up in a chastity belt and it is hard enough dealing with the frustration.

  9. hold on,good

  10. maid mandy says:

    Just stunning thanx guys

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