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Two hours passed, Natalia calmed down a little, so we left the apartment (with all of the keys). We left our phone number so she could call us for anything, anything at all, including emergencies, questions about Amsterdam, or just to shout at us.

Just like in Donna’s deal, the apartment had a few static cameras running 24/7 (part of the deal, in the contract). It’s amazing how quickly people forget about those. It’s almost like those real life tv shows! Maybe we can release some of the more uninteresting footage as a bonus later, who knows! Just to let you know (some of you have asked), there is no camera in the toilet!

Natalia did not call us, however. The first person she called was her friend back in the UK, to let her know she had arrived. Together with this friend, Natalia decided she would take on this chastity deal to earn some quick cash for their big luxurious holiday trip. It would be the first of about a thousand calls to this friend, that must have been some phone bill!!

The friend apparently did not know anything about the added thigh bands and chastity bra, even though it was explained very clearly before Natalia flew over. Also, the girls did not think the 5 days would be without any sanitary breaks. Again, we don’t understand that, because we told Natalia not to come during her monthly cycle (which fortunately she didn’t). The only things that becomes painfully clear is that the friend is very happy that it is not her locked in metal chastity gear!

A little frustrated by how little her friend understands of her situation, and also a somewhat comforted by a familiar voice, Natalia hangs up and sighs… 118 hours to go…

Remember the Chastity Deal updates are not shot in a studio so picture quality may vary. Member pictures and videos are not censored in any way. Also, we would like to point out that this deal was done under supervision and contract. Please do not lock someone in chastity unless you can watch them and care for them 24/7. Natalia made it and is doing fine now. Thank you for your concerns.

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  1. I think it might be very interesting to see some of the “uninteresting footage”, maybe of her cooking (if there is a camera in the kitchen). Keep up the nice work

  2. I would also like to see the uninteresting footage!

    Can she remove the chastity belt on toilet (out of the cameras)?

    She should wear a collar, wrist and ankle cuffs!

    The duration of the videos could be generally longer!

    Keep up the nice work!

  3. while she’s complainign less, she seems to play with her gear in delight. she’ll make it

  4. From description of the update: “without any sanitary breaks”

    Surely this should read “without any sanity breaks”, LOL.

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