chastity belt 

After some more wine, Ashley Bulgari and Tiffany are really getting excited, and their sleepover party turns into a steaming hot scene. Of course, that was to be expected, especially with Ashley around, and that is exactly why we locked them in chastity belts.

Ashley and Tiffany do not understand anything about chastity belts. They just don’t see why such devices would exist, or why we would lock them into these cold steel contraptions. They keep asking why they are locked, and just when they are getting really horny, they realise that these belts are going to ruin their night of fun.

We love to see frustrated girls. Maybe that is a strange thing to say, but it is very beautiful to watch two really frustrated girls. Ashley and Tiffany are so turned on, they even try to rub their belts together, trying to find out if it will give them at least some pleasure. But the raised secondary shields prevent any such luck. There will be no relief for these two tonight… which is good, of course. It is called a SLEEPover party, so they will eventually just go to sleep. Very hot, and very frustrated…


2 comment(s) to “Ashley Bulgari and Tiffany – The sleepover part 2”

  1. Iceman2436 says:

    WOW !!! That’s just WOW!! That’s a really Really great update. By the gods I hope there is a part 3.

  2. Forestier says:

    Never ending foreplay. Women should like that.

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