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The awesome and cute Kerry from Scotland kept emailing me for another Chastity Deal. How can I resist her! This girl loves bondage and kink so much, she NEEDS it in her life. So I flew her back over to Holland for a brand new 4-day contract.
Last time, Kerry was quite useful as my personal office manager. She spent a few days in a NeoSteel belt to prepare for her participation in my promo team at BoundCon. She is a natural! It’s only logical I would step up the Chastity Deal a few levels this time. Kerry knew she was going to be belted and collared, but she did not know any other details. Time to surprise her!
First of all, Kerry is WAY too naughty. Her NeoSteel belt is tight, and she can’t touch herself, but she will still play with her boobs, getting aroused and then acting all innocent. She may look cute but Kerry is an experienced submissive who knows how to play her cards right. So a chastity bra was definitely needed, right from the start of this Deal. I made it very tight, so Kerry wouldn’t be able to cheat. She was now unable to reach any pleasurable spots on her own body.
To keep her focused and frustrated all the time, I put a big nylon plug in a ‘surprise box’ for Kerry, along with some cleaning spray and some lubricant. Kerry was intrigued! I expected some protest from her, but she did as I told her: she opened her belt, mounted the plug, and slid the belt right back on (which was a lot easier for her than I expected!). She was now wearing a tight NeoSteel with a big plug inside of her. The plug does not have a small base, like most plugs, this NeoSteel nylon plug is the same diameter at the base, so it keeps a girl very open and it slides more easily when she is bending over or walking.
Amazingly, Kerry was still able to move freely, as if she wasn’t wearing a big plug inside her at all! This was going to be an amazing Chastity Deal, her smile definitely betrayed what she was thinking! She is so cute and naughty at the same time!

Picture set: Kerry is locked into her bra
Video clip: A big plug is added to Kerry’s NeoSteel chastity belt


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  1. LoveSteel says:

    This is the proper outfit every girl should be locked into. Nice!

    • @LoveSteel, I agree, and thank to webmaster for this update with Kerry and hope we will see more with her in chastity.

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Amazing update!!

  3. She is so cute and sexy :)

  4. a bra and panties that are the right fit for her

  5. Locked_inSteel says:

    Kerry looks great in her NeoSteel “chastity outfit”! But she will truly shine in a full “chastity suit”! (Neosteel steel chastity belt /w plug(s), bra, collar, thigh bands, wrist & ankle cuffs)

    “The plug does not have a small base, like most plugs, this NeoSteel nylon plug is the same diameter at the base, so it keeps a girl very open and it slides more easily when she is bending over or walking.”

    The insertable secured into the [what Neosteel calls] longitudinal boring is a DILDO! more precisely, a Nylon VAGINAL DILDO, it’s not a Plug!

    In general, a standard Dildo (anal or vaginal) has a large cylindrical non-tapered or slightly tapered head, similar to a penis. Dildos are used for “thrusting” or “riding” and stretch the anus.

    In general, a standard Plug (anal or vaginal) has a wide base with a narrow shaft and a large bulb head attached on the top. The head of the plug is sucked inside rectum and the anus wraps around the narrow shaft. Plugs are used to stimulate, generally more comfortable.

    A Plug or Dildo secured on a belt is free to slide along the slot and the plug is definitely felt shifting with any change of body posture. It resists twisting and bending over will push the plug deep. Overall very comfortable and feels nice.. but at time it gets into the way or hits the wrong spots…

  6. Lovely. Just what we need and more impirtantly, what every girl needs.

  7. So exactly how long is the plug that is in her

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