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Please welcome Julia from Spain! I love getting Chastity Babes from all countries, I don’t think we had a Spanish babe yet (not sure, have to check this later). Julia loves sex and taking selfies. Basically, that’s what she does all day (it’s true). Such a simple life!
But her life got changed a little when she applied for a Casting here at, because there would be no sex for a while. Of course, she expected that, and she told me she was REALLY excited to get locked up. Now, in this case, that means Julia actually gets horny from being locked in a belt! Which then becomes a problem of course. But still, she wanted to try this, so she couldn’t really blame me for her frustration.
Julia is a small girl with a tiny waist, so the belt was adjusted to be really small on her waist. The crotch strap had to be made super tight, because she would definitely try to touch herself, and I didn’t want that to happen. The anal hole was lined up perfectly, which could be a problem, because Julia enjoys anal sex and can maybe even climax from it. I would have to think of a solution for that later (I think you can already guess).
She is a sexual animal! You will see in the video she has absolutely no problem with this tight chastity belt. In fact, she did so well, I decided to upgrade her belt, even though it was a Casting. With some girls, you just know they can handle it. I changed the secondary perforated shield for a slotted one, with the big 5-ball plug. Because Julia is quite small, the plug would be pushed really deep inside her. Please not that it is not just the length of the balls that goes inside, with a chastity belt plug, the length of the base also counts and goes inside. This means for a chastity belt plug, the total length is much more important than the number of balls.
Julia was happy with her upgrade! She said she felt very full and the plug moved around when she tried to pick up her phone off the floor. Julia could spend forever in a plugged belt, she is a rare kind of girl. The frustration might eventually kill her, but she would probably get enough pleasure from the anal opening to prevent the buildup of too much frustration. I will definitely have to solve that problem. Any suggestions?

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  1. suggestions? 2 plugs!! :)

  2. MetalMan says:

    What a lovely girl! More of her!

  3. Chastity Deal! Julia needs her own Access Denied belt with custom plugs and thigh bands. Skirts only!

  4. Starboy says:

    Would love to see her trying to get some pleasure trough anal opening. Maybe with timer controlled sybian=)?

  5. DonnaFan says:

    Lovely little girl. But naughty. She definitely needs to be belted!

    My suggestion:
    Longer deal, with no-stimulation gear, bra, and anal closed for touch.
    And regular “breaks” when she can (try) get relief with double plugs :b

    Btw, what may be the bra equivalent of plugged belt? I.e, a bra that arouses & stimulates but will not satisfy. That I’d like to see!

  6. roadie12 says:

    now to get her to go for a long-term deal; better if she would do it while plugged

  7. The belt fits her perfectly, it really hugs her, and I can see she is comfortable being active in it. She has the perfect body for chastity. Nothing clunky or uncomfortable with her.

    I would love to see her in a skintight dress, out shopping, and enjoying everyday life while obviously in chastity.

    She needs to spend a night as a barmaid too, wearing nothing but the collar, belt, and stripper shoes.

    Beautiful, very well done. Hopefully we will see more of the very lovely Julia.

  8. Where can I buy that front shield with the plug? I happen to own that same belt with only the standard perforated shield.

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