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Yvette Costeau tied up on stage at a public convention wearing nothing but her chastity belt and her boots! I love this, mainly because it confronts a lot of unsuspecting people with the fact that she is wearing a chastity belt. Something most people usually don’t think about, but it might trigger their fantasy, and some couples may have gone home that day with a little seed planted in their minds, ordering a female chastity belt months later without knowing why.
There needs to be a lot more public chastity to get it accepted but for now, fetish and bondage shows seem the best way to gently introduce the concept. I will expand to other public events of course, we still have a lot of work to do to achieve this website’s goal: ‘all women should be belted all the time’. Tiny steps. Bear with me.
Yvette’s rigger meanwhile, had a lot of fun with her belt. He saw this as an opportunity, where most riggers would have asked her to take the belt off for more complex bondage. Like in sports, I would like to prove that it’s possible to be tied up while wearing a chastity belt. There is no reason (ever) to take off a chastity belt because ‘you can not do something while wearing it’. Well, except having sex of course, but that’s the whole point.
Yvette is rigged in a standing position, her ankles are tied to the sides of her belt! This means she can not stand up fully, and has to keep her legs bent. This is VERY hard on the leg muscles. Whenever she tries to stand up a little more, the ropes are pulling on her belt’s waist band. It’s a devious position, which I believe is called a ‘predicament challenge’ in bondage. Great to watch Yvette’s professionality on stage and a very creative tie!

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  1. ‘all women should be belted all the time’ is a great goal. But men need to have such protection too. So everyone should be belted all the time is a higher goal.

  2. In a broader sense, the term “predicament bondage” is used for all types of Bondage in which the bondage position is hard for any muscle, thereby inflicting pain.

    In a narrow sense, “predicament bondage” is used for positions in which the victim gets to choose between two unpleasant sensations. A typical example would be the “wooden pony”, where the victim has to stand on their tiptoes in order to avoid having to rest their whole body weight on a narrow wooden plank running through their crotch. The victims feet are normally tied together so that there is no escape from the plank, while the vicitims hands are tied to the ceiling above the victim’s head so that they cannot bend over. In a very wicked variety of the wooden ponny, the hands are tied to a tackle that is connected to the plank running through the crotch, so that the arms cannot be used as a releif.

    Yvette’s position is definitely “predicament bondage” in the broader sense and probably also in the narrow sense because she can either rest her muscles and have her arms pulled up causing pain in her shoulders or try to stand up as much as possible, causing pain in her thighs.

    Her position is very dangerous since it could lead to severe injuries (dislocations, torn muschle fibers, heart problems exhautions etc.), which shows us that she is a real trained pro. Both, she and the man tying her up have to know exactly what they are doing and they have to trust each other completely.

  3. so if all women should wear chastitybelts ALL the time…how is reproduction going to work?

  4. Hoping Yvette won’t be too long tied in that position which is really very unconfortable, even if you are a bondage “specialist” !

    We can dream, but it seems to be not for to morrow that all the women will be belted all the time… I fear it would need a huge seed which doesn’t exist nowadays !!

    Too sad !

  5. Infidelity would go way down if every man had a woman, and every woman had a man. The husband would keep the keys to the wife’s belt. Likewise the husband would also wear a chastity belt at all times. The wife would keep the keys to her husband’s belt. The belt on the woman would be removed during pregnancy and secured after childbirth. We can dream can’t we. Yvette Costeau is one tough girl. Chastity belts are no big deal for her.

  6. I agree, it is indeed an “Overton Window” that needs to be opened:

  7. Love her boots! What is the brand and model of those?

  8. a great show of her chastity strength

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