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English dialogueThings were not working out very well with Davon. She was very sad, crying a lot about her situation. She was in a tight chastity belt and very heavy wrist cuffs and collar. But that was not why she was crying, I think. Going from a 5-star receptionist job to being a chastity slave (with no future and no home) in just a few days was just too much for her.
While Davon loves serving people, even for her it was too much to be a 24/7 slave girl. I actually felt really bad for a while, because she was just sulking and sniffing all the time. It was horrible to see her like this. When the sobbing did not stop after about a day, I decided to give her something to distract her mind from thinking about her pending deportation to the Philippines.
It may not have been the best moment to present her with a plug, but she signed the Deal and she will have to allow everything I want to add to her contract. Be it plugs, or vibration, or heavy bondage gear, her contract is open to all these things. It is very hard to find gear that is the right size because Davon is the tiniest girl you have ever seen.
The 4-ball plug did not shock her too much, because she did not realize what it was at first. Even when I let her take off her belt, and reconfigure it with a slotted shield and the plug, she only started protesting at the last moment, when she finally recognized what she would have to do (and where it would go). But Davon knew she would have to do it. She was scared and crying when she put the belt back on, the heavy cold plug sliding into her frail body. It was really big, but she managed somehow.
I’m planning on keeping her plugged for now. It seems to help her demeanor and she isn’t crying as much anymore. Well, she is still sobbing away, but is she also moaning with pleasure? You decide for yourself, watch the video! Davon will have to get used to this big plug locked inside of her!

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  1. Michael says:

    I hope you’re not going too fast with the bondage on Davon. However, I must say Davon should get used to being plugged in. After a while Davon will grow to love the chastity belt and the plugs that go with it, even handcuffs, too. Looks like the wrist cuffs are inescapable, but not too tight. Can you promise Davon a little money for manicures, pedicures, pubic hair waxing, and a few other comforts of home? The inside of me hurts for her. I’d belt her to, and with some creature comforts.

    Also, Davon will be in vibrating panties in no time.

  2. WendyWarrior says:

    When I saw this update, I said in myself: in solidarity with her, my belt will be plugged until you take this monster out of her.
    A double-slotted shield? can we hope an anal plug too? (I think a vaginal plug is enough for her)

    I feel really sorry for her… why not giving her a lighter collar, taking these wrist cuffs off and locking her a bra? this is a too big challenge for her. “This is so heavy”, “this is so tight”, ‘pleaaaase”, “let me out”, …
    Didn’t you think you went too far and too fast with her? I have a heart under my heavy steel armor, and if I was you, I wouldn’t have done this. If I was her, I would have said “NO”. And I hope you pay her a lot!

    I wanted to see her in an HeavyLine belt, I said this in a previous update. I cancelled this, she is a small bird who need to be treated softly. Let heavy collar and cuffs for trained models, as Natalia Forrest or Cobie!
    This is not negative at all, you show us how great Davon Kim is! and this is what I like =^.^=
    And I believe she is still shocked by the loss of her job, maybe you should give her time before locking on her all this stuff…

    And: I love the room!

  3. I agree with Michael. Don’t scare her away, She’s already stressed enough. The best thing you can do is listen to her. Find out what she wants to try or is too scared to do. Bounce a few ideas off of her. Be light and playful, make her feel at home. The worst thing you can do is put ideas in your head about what you might do or how soon you will. Get her to settle down but don’t rush her.

    • P.S. Her frustrations with the plug only add to her stress. If she’s new to enforced and extended chastity, then you have to ease her in. If her reaction to the plug is like Natalia (who’s plugged weekend was a living hell), then I’d start her off with with breaks or go straight to the vibrators.

  4. Suggest you order some of these pad eye plates and attach them at strategic locations in the studio. Let her have breaks, but attach the collar to the wall.

    • Yep, those are already installed everywhere in the studio! :)

      • WendyWarrior says:

        Davon Kim on! you will use these plates =^.^=
        I’m amazed you never showed us girls who try attacking you. If I was Davon Kim (and not used to chastity), I would have tossed you this belt!
        With all these plates, now I learn this, I feel very bad for her, honestly! but she is not in holiday, so continue what you are doing…

        By the way: did you give her a “classic” plug (4 balls and from the rod: 30, 25, 20, 15 mm)? or did you use a smaller one?

        • Yes, it is a standard plug. Which is average size. But since Davon is very tiny (I can put my hands around her waist), an average plug is quite large.

          • WendyWarrior says:

            That’s why I asked the question, maybe you used a smaller plug for her…
            I really hope she will be allowed to take it off within 24 h. As Pat and Michael say: if you are slower, she will get used to her stuff, and she will undergo more. Maybe she will have fun by being locking =^.^=

  5. Web Master i think you should get her all custome suff that mite make her happy

  6. KimFan says:

    Remember Amarantha laBlanche? Webmaster wrote: “it might be the first time on the internet that a big group of people felt some responsibility!” After reading the compassionate comments here, I realized, that people here enjoy teasing girls and seeing their frustration, but not tormenting girls or human rights abuses.

    So, immediately bring Kim some ‘relief’! Also, consider starting regular votes that should she allowed release. That way, she can start pleading directly to us!

    Oh, and may I suggest what could be the relief?
    – Orgasm. But being blind-folded, corseted/or high heeled, and locked to pad eye plates from her collar, so that only her hands are free… (and camera runs!)
    – Reduce of gear. She will be much more sexy by walking freely at streets of Amsterdam in stylish clothes that just hide a chastity belt underneath, than she could ever be in dungeon shoots no matter how weird gear you could harass her to put on:
    – Sex. Sex with a partner she prefers = female. We have already seen she and her partner wearing chastity belts ( Why don’t leave them without belt this time, but handcuff and ball gag both – no more licking?!

    So ‘relief’ is needed. Just make it balanced, so that she won’t quit, but instead wants to get more deeperly involved to her new predicament!

  7. Michael says:

    How about wall mount handcuffs? I fantasize about her handcuffed to a wall with her hands above her head.
    Second, maybe a Segufix bed would be a good place for her to sleep at night, chastity belted of course! Restrain her good, place a blanket over her, and turn out the light.
    Davon will quickly have a lot of fans that’ll want to stop by give her moral support and lots of love.

    • LoveSteel says:

      How about handcuffed and padlocked steel mitts for the night (or longer :) It would be interesting at least.

  8. Rachel says:

    Hmmm, I’ve been keeping up with this site for awhile. I’m a belted girl myself and would probably do a model call if it weren’t for being in America and already being happy. Unfortunately though, what’s happening to this girl made me cringe…I honestly feel like she’s being taken advantage of. She really didn’t have a choice in the matter. Living conditions in the Phillipines are pretty horrid, so if it was me choosing between being locked in a strange device or getting sent home I would choose the belt for a chance.

    The Issue though, is that I’m worried this is something she would have NEVER done under normal circumstances. Was she into kink before this. If yes, then I’m more okay with it. If no, it’s the prime example of taking advantage of women. I wish her well.

    • Don’t worry about her too much :) Davon is doing fine, and she thinks it is a good Deal! She made a lot of friends with models and photographers coming to my studio. She loves working here.

    • LoveSteel says:

      Looking through the archives Davon Kim is not a girl without chastity experience. So I think she can take it. Looking forward for the next item to be added and the steel bra would be my next favorite item to add.

  9. David Sellmon says:

    Please show us some nightly footage and some footage of he wearing clothes over her shackles, or isn’t she allowed to do this?

  10. WOW! Davon Kim is absolutely beautifully gorgeous! You really should consider getting a custom made chastity belt, with matching ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, collar and chastity bra along with the matching chains to link the entire outfit together. I think that it is personally wonderful to get Davon Kim who is without a doubt gorgeous and beautiful all at the same time. Furthermore, she should be treated as the future resident chastity babe queen that she should become. Furthermore, since she has such a wonderful body how about showing it off. Davon Kim has a tongue piercing and maybe you could convince her to get her perky, erect and hardened nipples PIERCED also. I think that a set of matching studs that are small enough to be seen but not large enough to get in the way of her new lifestyle. Yes, a matching set of nipple studs adorning her newly PIERCED nipples would look stunning upon Davon Kim’s wonderful body. Please bring back Davon Kim for some more wonderful looking shoots and please consider a custom made chastity ensemble for such a wonderful Filipina Lady. Nipple PIERCINGS would also be a stunning asset to such a gorgeous Chastity Babe Queen. Thanks for the update and this is a wonderful addition to the previous shoots. Davon Kim is fabulous and look forward to her being DOUBLY PLUGGED with a vibrating set of dildos.

  11. Basil Blake says:

    It’s a wonderful idea to keep her plugged. It will make her forget her former troubles and discomfort with Netherlands’ bureaucracy.

    Seems that our webmaster is not only a chastity expert, but also an empathic specialist in psychology.

    I’m quite sure, staying stuffed with the big plug for at least one week, and she will forget all her worries (I’m sorry, but in this context I must admit: I cannot understand WendyWarrior’s feeling sorry for Kim. However, I still appreciate Wendy as a chastity expert in general). :-)

    What about a session with vibrating panties to increase Kim’s pleasure?

    • WendyWarrior says:

      I feel sorry for Davon Kim since she is really in heavy steel compared to her! AND: everything locke since the 1st day, it’s really fast and shocking for her!
      I wear an heavy collar, and a made-to-measure belt and bra. I’m fully used to them, but I never forget how hard my 1st days in were! This is why I feel sorry for her: yes she was previously under lock and key, but new stuff is always hard. Even for an experimented girl: changing my belt and bra was actually hard.

      Vibrating her: is it a good idea? I am not sure… you could frustrate her much more than relax her… have a try!

  12. roadie12 says:

    Dominique seems to have a replacement…unless going for a pair of chastity slaves

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