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At the start of this website, we promised you Davon Kim. But it turned out to take a long time to convince her. She wasn’t quite sure what her new girlfriend would say about posing in a chastity belt.

We just said: ‘Well, bring your girlfriend along then!’. And so we finally met this happy couple, Davon Kim and Ting, two Asian girls deeply in love with each other. To our amazement, Ting wanted to be belted as well, to make it a duo casting shoot!

Needless to say, we gladly adjusted two of our belts to fit these girls. Not easy, because Davon has the smallest waist in the world! Fortunately, our belts can handle even the smallest waist, so there was no excuse for Davon Kim.

We got more than we bargained for with this update, we just turned on the cameras (two cameras for a multi angle video) and let the girls show us how much they love eachother. They got a little carried away in this steaming hot lesbian chastity belt update! A must see!


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  1. It´s fascinating. Chastity belt or no chastity belt makes just no difference (from what I see on the photos). They might as well simply wear panties instead of chastity belts.

    • Well, I think in this case, the belt is more to make Antonio frustrated! :)

      Looks like a great shoot. Love Ting’s dress over the belt.

  2. Good job girls…

    But I think some deviation is going on here… This is hot but not chastity belt kind of hot…

    ” we will test lots of daily women’s activities, like exercising, shopping, shopping, going out, maybe even horse riding, to see if wearing a chastity belt will in any way limit a girl’s options to fully enjoy life.” your words —-> what I was hoping for…

    • Thanks for your comment! We can not please everyone every week, unfortunately. This week we have appealed to some people whose fantasy is lesbian chastity activity, we hope they (at least) are pleased.

      Remember to clearly REQUEST your wishes, dreams and suggestions by EMAIL if you are a member.

      • Thanks for your reply…

        Will do… because I always thought that my request were your original goals in the first place… as the text I quoted shows, so I didn’t see the need to E-mail you guys

  3. Best shoot so far. Now just get the girls to force each other into a belt.

    • Good call, I like that.

      Or what about a game? The looser is belted for a certain period of time and has to fulfill every wish of the winner..

  4. I’ll join again, soon and I am looking forward to downloading this. One of the greatest updates so far – as I can tell from the pictures.
    In my point of view this is better than “chastity in everyday situiations”. Because to me, there is no difference between going grocery shopping with or without a chastitybelt since chastitybelts do not prevent you from grocery shopping. This update however shows a chastity beld in effect. Great job!

  5. Forestier says:

    What had they eaten? I want the recipe.

    I wonder if they could feel anything through the belts.

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