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It was a very sad moment when Cobie’s deal ended last month, and she had to go back to her home country. She even had to take her chastity belt off, you know, because of airport security and all… After finishing her 13-day Chastity Deal with ease (even if her two belts weren’t perfect), she promised me she would belt herself again as soon as she got home in Australia.
Cobie regularly wears her FancySteel belt, because she genuinely loves chastity belts! She does not have a keyholder back in Australia, but I really don’t think she needs one. She wants to be belted as often as possible! I am sure you all miss her as much as I do, and Cobie misses her Chastity Deal too! She had such a great year, appearing at European bondage conventions and shooting fetish and bondage content all over the world, but her stay here at was special.
To thank all of you for your support (especially the members) and comments, she recorded a special Christmas video for us! Funny, because it is summer in Australia, and it has been very hot, but as Cobie explains: Christmas in Australia is a little different, but similar at the same time! There’s Christmas trees, gift giving, and special dinners. And Cobie shares her decorating and gift wrapping Christmas preparations with us. She even decorates her tree with Hello Kitty and Miffy characters! Very funny :)
It is so good to hear from her! A Merry Christmas from Cobie, and a Merry Christmas from me to all fans, members, and supporters of this website. I could not do this without you! Enjoy your time with family and friends!

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  1. Not your chastity babes crop top from the mirror universe but still sizzling

  2. Merry Christmas to you too :)

  3. Since she is so far away from you, you should give her a ChronoVault: and then you can control her from a distance. That would be great.

    • Chronovault is according to the site a male device, a kinda hard to fit.

      • That’s the other device from dreamlover labs. This is just a little internet controlled storage box which can be locked and unlocked via internet. If you store the key in there, you allow the wearer to have the key near them at all times but as a dom you can control when they have access to the key. Once locked, the wearer actually don’t know when the timer runs out – or maybe you change it depending on your mood.

      • Yes, maybe you should get one your self. I would love to control the box for you!

        • That is the good thing about the box – you can always destroy it or overrule the ownership if you want to break “the contract”. You don’t have to destroy the belt. Of course it should never go this far.
          What belt are you wearing?

        • David Sellmon says:

          May I ask what collar you are currently wearing and if you plan to get also collar from MySteel, fitting the rest of your (future) gear? I think they look gorgeous, with the lock on the front :3

        • David Sellmon says:

          That is sweet. The webmaster should tell Donna about this so she knows that her ex-collar can be worn safely for a much longer period than hers :3 (Remember that she worried about chronic neck and shoulder pain in one of her first videos with the collar on?)

        • David Sellmon says:

          I would like to see other models in this collar as well, but I can also imagine that it can quickly become too much for chastity and bondage newbies. But what I think would be a good compromise is that the webmaster purchases a thin ring collar, like Ring Of Steel, that is not much heavier than normal jewelry but still lockable, and this one must be worn in all deals, no exception.

        • How do people react to you when you wear the collar?

  4. Basil Blake says:

    Wish you a chaste & merry Christmas dear Cobie.

    Thank you for your great contributions to this site ;-)

  5. Most of All, merry Christmas to you webmaster, thank you for All your hard work for this amazing website, you have given us something
    To look forward to each Wednesday and friday.
    Hope there Will be many more xmas wishes in the future.
    If there is anything i can do for your site, I am more than happy to help out.
    Signed, member for life
    I do not hope to see more , no, I WANT to see more of you.
    Come back asap

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