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As a bonus, in case you feel like watching a video clip on this beautiful Sunday, here’s one of the home videos I received from the Couple when they had been locked in their belts for about a week (or even less than that).
I am posting this video ‘as is’, straight from their camera, no edits, no logo. It is not very well lit or stable, but I really appreciated their video reports, and I think you should see them to get an idea of what it was like for them to be belted at home for 30 days. They talk about going to parties, not shaving, and all kinds of other issues that they found in the first week. Stefan even shows you his previous chastity cage, and they compare it to the belt. Great to hear all those details!
If there is a kind Dutch member who can provide subtitles (in SRT format), please let me know or post them in the comments, I think our community is big enough now to help eachother out! Have a great Sunday!!

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  1. Thank you for the bonus.

    Even if I don’t understand the words….I understand happy.

    PS: the couple of times it got a little shaky…

    Kinda reminded me of the found footage horror films…

    Was half expecting some sort of antagonist to jump out and chase them. :)

  2. I want see this videos …..

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