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At FetishCon in Florida, I suddenly spotted adult star Tiffany Kohl (Twitter: @TiffanyKohlxxx) walking around in a school girl uniform! Quite a paradox, because she is not that innocent at all!!
I just knew I had to teach her a lesson for walking around in this cute uniform, pretending to be something she’s not! I love belting adult stars, because it is such a frustrating situation for them! Especially if they have never been belted before, like Tiffany. The realisation that they can not do what they usually do is priceless!
Tiffany tried her best to get some satisfaction, but the chain style belt was too secure to get any real pleasure! She even undressed herself to play with her boobs, it helped to arouse her a little, but she still couldn’t reach the spot she needed to. Tiffany is such a darling, I wish I could have kept her belted for a longer time, but we were all working at the convention, so she was only locked for about an hour or so. I hope to come back to the USA soon, to belt even more famous adult stars! If you have any adult or fetish stars that you would like to see in a chastity belt, please post their names below!


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  1. I would love to see aria giovanni in a chastity belt or maybe even some sort of deal.

  2. Some one form Their in San Fransisco CA the old National Guard armory.

  3. Thank you!
    This weekend I will be at BoundCon in Austria. If you want to see a model in chastity belt and bra (Pling from Sweden), this is the place to be this weekend!! She will also be locked in a lot of metal bondage gear!

  4. My favourite adult star Chanta rose. Her lezdom videos are amazing. I’d love to see her belted…or even better: belt one of her submissives

  5. I would really like to see Mia Li or Darling belted… How about Princess Donna?

  6. ramacclean says:

    Okay here are some ladies I think you should try to get in to a deal Christina Carter, Kendra James, Emily Marilyn, and Bianca Beauchamp.

    • Bianca Beauchamp sounds very nice…but she should also be locked in a XXXL Chastity Bra :)

    • Kendra James and Emily Marilyn are two of the best IMHO. These two ladies have lots of personality and bodies to match. A short term locking with latex or a longer term with range of motion restraints. Locking high heels/boots would also be a great fit!

      • ramacclean says:

        That is a truly awesome Idea.

      • I also would like to see Zara DuRose. She seems like another fun girl.

        An idea for a shoot:
        You could do a spin for a prize/toy where multiple girls spin a wheel and get a ticket with an item. After all of them have a ticket they see what item they get. Each girl must use the item on the ticket. Some will get sex toys and others will get chastity belts. Imagine a room of sexy women, some locked and denied while others are mastubating themselves or teasing others. This idea works for two or more girls. But the more you have the crazier it will be.

      • could be interesting the only thing is that I am of a larger body and don’t think I would look that good as the models booo

  7. Donna fan says:

    I would like to see Christina Carter, Emilyn Marilyn, Veronica Raquel or Chanta Rose. I already seen some of them belted but an extended deal would be Nice. And btw great update!!! schoolgirl uniforms are hot.

    • Young_engr says:

      I saw Veronika Raquel belted before I hit puberty! She did some short videos and a fashion show I believe. I don’t really remember her videos???

      Which of the girls you mentioned have tried chastity?

  8. I’d love to see a young girl or lady that also has headgear and braces also locked up in a chastity belt bra and thigh bands

  9. Charlotte Vale, Maggie Green… please.

  10. This is a fantastic shoot that you have done. Well done to get such a pretty star in a belt. Thank you.

    Who would I like to see belted? One of my current favourites is Lola Foxx… that Latina cutie with the awesome booty would look AWESOME in a chastity belt!

  11. the savage says:

    naughty girl wrist cuffs and thigh bands to be added and a good spanking too.

  12. Madison Young

  13. Eponymous Cowherd says:

    Perhaps Calico? She might let you lock in a butt plug too.

  14. haloslave says:

    another vote for chanta rose, either belting a submissive or being belted.

  15. jason collins says:

    I would like to see Serena Islet with chastity belt and bra.
    That would be great, even better if she was belted and given a chastity deal, and still have to work :-)

  16. wooow, I love Tiffany in that belt. I love it that the belt is little bit too small for her. Would like to see her in this belt in her daily life doing all day stuff….

    A tight belt should be adapted for other girls as well… :)

  17. Marica Hase needs to be belted!

  18. slavelabor says:

    Jade Indica…round two hehehe

  19. High Command says:

    Would love to see Justine Joli belted, maybe as part of a lezdom shoot. Cherry Torn did a shoot for Bloodangels years ago in full gear. I think she’d be great for an extended deal.

  20. Any of the girls from the MedicalToys staff!

  21. Desirea Spenser would be good. I don’t think she would make a day.

  22. I would love to see jewell marceau belted and it would be even cooler if it was with a bra and thigh cuffs :D

  23. 很喜欢这样的贞操带,女人就要穿着这样的金属才漂亮。

  24. Ashley Renee. I know her webmaster from before she asked him to run the site, so I may be able to help facilitate this.

  25. the models dressed as school girls is a great addition to your site

  26. I would so love to try this as my hubby has always had a fantasy of me wearing one for the weekend. could be longer but never tried it.
    Am a bit scared buy the whole thing

    Sarah xx

    • I wish I had your confidence Im basically scared if truthful. what would you recommend to make it easy for me?

    • wish I had a friend that would egg me on bit to have confidence…. I keep looking at it does look good and turns me on a bit truth be told x

  27. I have just been locked in a steel belt by a girl frind of mine and your right its scarey when she warked away with the keys to the belt but its now been 4 day locked and getting used to it. You need to give it a try sarah x

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