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Dutch dialogueAfter my little prank on cute young Dutch girl Cassie, I thought she would be really mad at me. I was really relieved when she wasn’t, so I offered her a last minute deal, when she already thought her Casting was over. I got her to sign a mini Deal, to come back the next day to get released from the belt. Some money was involved of course, and Cassie didn’t hesitate long to sign a piece of paper.
Changed back into the clothes she arrived in, Cassie waited patiently for her friend who was supposed to pick her up, because she doesn’t have a driver’s license yet. But when her friend finally showed up, she was just a little too late zipping up her jacket, causing a big scene right in our studio. It is a huge reminder to all of us, female chastity is not widely accepted yet, and probably 99% of all people confronted with it will think it is a crazy idea. There is a lot of work still to do before all girls and women in the world will be in chastity!
Cassie’s friend was appalled (but also puzzled) about the chastity belt. She clearly thought Cassie hadn’t thought everything through. She subjected poor Cassie to a lot of questions (how about going to the toilet, showering, sitting down, sleeping), and she was right: Cassie didn’t think about all of that, although she remained pretty confident she would be able to do it. After all, the next day she would simply return to have the belt taken off and get some cash! Easy money!
It all didn’t go down very well, I was even threatened by Cassie’s friend, as she demanded the key. Fortunately, Cassie took my side (afraid to lose her Deal) and whisked her out of my studio to the car. It was an interesting confrontation, to say the least…

Dutch dialogue. English subtitles are included in the member download!

9 comment(s) to “Cassie is in it for the night”

  1. ChastityLover says:

    Great job! This is a great spontaneous deal and is very exciting.

  2. Cassie’s friend needs a chastity belt, too.

  3. Only thing that bothers me is that how on earth you got it all photographed and published??

  4. ChastityLover says:

    Cassie, you are wonderful! Keep coming back for more shoots and deals. I love your attitude and the way you look in that beautiful metal belt!

  5. Cassie seems to be quite at ease with wearing a Chastity belt and looks like she might be willing to make additional appearances. I hope the night in the chastity belt went well and does not put her off future contracts.

  6. Maybe when Cassie’s friend get to think about it she would want to try this herself. It’s a terrifiing idea not being able to touch herself, and not knowing when she will be released. At the same time it’s exciting to feel the arousel flow to her locked up pussy. I think Carrie should tell her about the feelings.

  7. How was Cassie feeling the next day? I hope to see more of her!

  8. LoveSteel says:

    Only one good solution, Cassie’s friend should be locked in a belt and bra also at least for a full day.

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