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Did we mention Victoria’s belt was tight? Well, a chastity belt has to be tight or it would be pointless. To prevent those prying fingers from getting under the belt, the crotch part needs to be snug and tight (best adjusted when the girl is squatting down). But did you know the waist belt needs to be tight as well? If it is not, it will be easy to pull the belt down, which makes the crotch part less tight.

So a properly fitted belt is tight all around, we have had girls reporting it is even better to wear it really tight, because it does not move at all. A belt that is moving around can seriously chafe the inner legs, or worse: pinch the private parts when sitting down / standing up. That will result in injuries which need to heal, and the girl can not be in a belt during that time. So we need to prevent that.

Needless to say, our belt fighting girl Victoria Sweet did not really care about all this. She just thought it was too tight, and after almost a whole day of wearing the chain style chastity belt, she got really fed up with it. Even a walk outside on such a nice day could not please her. We tried taking a few nice pictures of her (as some runners were passing by, looking very interested at the girl in the shiny metal), but Victoria was focussed on the belt. She even grabbed a piece of wood and tried to attack her belt, but she was only hurting herself, so she soon stopped that.

We love Victoria Sweet, she is a funny belt fighter and she looks cute and sexy in a chastity belt. Don’t worry about her too much, she is alright and she told us she had fun on this day. She will definitely be back for more or a big challenge here on!


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  1. Why is it chaisitybabes often are out and around – nature – city – while metalbondage and belt bound always are in the studio setup.

    Of cause some intense bondage sets dont belong in public – but some sets could be made out of the studio – just walking one of the heavy collars (steel or leather) in the street – of cause a little handcuff too…

    But it keeps getting better!



  2. When will they learn?
    Always fun to see how they are trying to remove the chastity belt.
    Succeed someone with it?
    I don´t think it´s possible unless the key is nearby, or she is good at picking locks.

  3. ANnon82 says:

    The info about how a chastity belt has to be tightly fitted in order to work properly was interesting. In the past I was a bit concerned with how tight a belt was fitted, Natalia Forrest complaints, for instance. These comments seem to clear some of that up although it would be nice to here more from the ladies on the issue.

    Your comments on the proper tightness of a chastity belt did raise another question for me however. Would a chastity belt with a “hip band” be less secure than one with a “waist band”?

  4. Locked_inSteel says:

    A properly adjusted continuous-crotch steel chastity best must be SNUG fit to the body contours. Neither tight to dig the skin, nor loose to bounce and cause shafting. Once adjusted for a snug fit, despite their bulkiness and weight, they are extremely comfortable. I’m locked in a continuous-crotch male steel waistband chastity belt. It’s SO comfy that I feel naked!

    As for the crotchband being tight… True, it will rub the anus. That’s unavoidable and distracting. This is why I always mount a Small and Thin steel butt plug on the Anal Shield. The shield and plug combo significantly reduces rubbing. After a short training period, the body gets used the tiny plug that it’s no longer felt. (Currently I’m not feeling it). That should solve any complains!

    The only way to prevent fingers under the shield, is to keep the legs together with thigh cuffs.

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