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The 4 belted horse girls had a normal working day ahead of them. With Wendy still out riding, Laura, Natasja, and Billy Jean took it upon themselves to clean the stables. This was only 1 hour after their initial belting! Look how they move around! Even though the belts are obviously very tight on their waists, their hands do not (subconsciously) go to the belts even once, not to the waist nor to their crotch. Have they gotten used to being belted so fast? We were amazed.

Perhaps it is all about focussing on something else. When you are first belted, it is good to have something to do, preferably a heavy or difficult task. It will take your mind off the rigid metal and you will almost forget you are wearing a chastity belt. Also, these girls are very motivated, since they are doing this to raise money to save street dogs!

It is another episode of unique footage, local girls locked in a chastity belt cleaning stables… Never has a video of three girls shoveling horse manure been so exciting to watch!

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  1. Easy money!
    Did not seem to be any problem for them to wear chastity belts …

  2. What lucky girls I wished it was me belted and cleanig stables would trade places with any of them

  3. Hi there was wondering if you had a way of contacting your good self via fetlife?

  4. a must-have accesory,especially when cleaning out the stables

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