chastity belt 

After almost a year, Dominique’s contract was soon to expire, when her mom Francis contacted us about our fully adjustable rigid style belts. Her daughter Dominique is belted in the chain style belt, but somehow the rigid style belt seemed much more hygienic to Francis. And that is true, because the ass chains are notoriously hard to clean.

Also, the adjustability of both the waist and crotch area means that Dominique would finally be rid of those pesky padlocks in the back, that were used to shorten the ass chains and pull the crotch part tight.

It seems every time we have new chastity gear on our website, we will receive an email from Francis to test it out on her daughter. We have supplied her with thigh bands, a chastity bra, and even an electro remote to play with (although that was not a big success with Dominique). This mom is more into chastity than her daughter, that is for sure!

This time, Dominique is in for a real shock (even worse than the remote), because not only does Francis want to renew her belt, but also the contract!! Dominique has been complaining about the chain style belt, probably because the contract states that she will be released immediately if there is any severe discomfort. So Francis will use this new rigid style belt to counter that excuse and keep her daughter locked up for another year. The only problem is… Dominique will have to sign again, something she will probably never do!

Well, let’s first change the belt on Dominique, we can always see what happens next!



24 comment(s) to “Dominique rebelted”

  1. Dominique You’ve already got to wear thigh bands and other bondage gear, even zapped by your mom. When will you learn to decline new scary things from her?

  2. I hope she will sign another year contract, maybe with all the items: tight bands and bra!

  3. The older belt was more slender on the front with a rounded shield. Seen with the new belt makes it look more like that chastity diaper on How was the old fit? And wasn’t that plenty secure?

  4. an ongoing experiment

  5. I think it is Francis turn.

  6. i think her mother should give her daughter something to be scared of by first cuffin her hands behind her back then tossing the keys inside the chasity belt and locking it then and only then take the other handcuff key and unlocking the handcuffs and tease her like no tomorrow about having a key hiden to her belt

  7. No idea that she stop using CB now when she get used to it. Maybe Dominique would buy a belt for her mother. She seems to be interested …

  8. Do the other models think that Francis is pushing her daughter a little too far?

  9. lockedwife says:

    how could you be unlocked and relock again…

  10. looks like Dominique doesn,t want to be rid of her new belt, she is in awe of its style, stunned that it,s now inprisoned her pussy

  11. anonymous keyholder says:

    Now this story is getting interesting. Clearly Dominique wants to be free. I wonder how Francis will force her to sign another contract.

  12. Rebelted – What a beautiful word!

  13. john tofte says:

    I believe beautiful Francis really knows, what she is doing!
    Dominique seems to have adjusted herself so much into wearing a belt, she don´t think about it any more.
    When her lovely mother shows her the new belt, she only looks sulky over been disturbed, while watching the TV program.
    She helps her mother chainging it as quickly as possible, and she do not even try to tuch her pussy the few seconds it is free, before the new belt locks it away again. After the first curiosity, she forgets about the new belt and continue watching the TV show. By tempting her daughter with a pleasant life at home with her mother, i don´t think Francis will have so much trouble making her daughter sign a new contract – and why only for one year? As time goes, Dominique most likely will approve to the fact, she no longer has a pussy, but only a peehole.
    Wish all girls had a mom like Francis!

  14. lockedwife says:

    how could dominique handle being unlocked and then locked again, was she allowed release. my husband wants me to be a year locked because of these posts. i am afraid to accept.

  15. So did it continue? Is she now out or did she sign another contract?

  16. Super video. Dominiko kolik měsíců ti ještě zbývá do konce platnosti smlouvy?

  17. when will we see Dominique in a full chastity outfit, perhaps even the Latowski female chastity belt and bra

  18. I’d prefer she had a vaginal plug inserted in that new belt.

  19. Anne Marie says:

    Francis needs to be in a CB too! Maybe shoot an episode where the tables are turned and Dominique gets to lock Francis in the belt?!

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