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On September 22nd, Dominique’s chastity contract will finally come to an end. She has come to terms with her mom’s wishes and they seem to have become even closer friends over the past year. There is some kind of understanding between those two, a bond that is stronger than before!

Still, Dominique’s mother Francis has got a wild imagination, she loves to experiment. Francis is one of the most avid followers of this website, looking at every update with great interest. When we featured thigh bands, she wrote us if she could try them on Dominique. When she saw a chastity bra, she immediately wanted her daughter to try one on.

And now… Francis has spotted our black box with remote control. She definitely needed to try this!! Don’t worry, there is no plug attached to it, just 4 sticky pads, stuck to her skin (2 under her crotch shield above her clit and 2 on the insides of her legs as high as possible). Strangely enough, Dominique was easily convinced by her mother to try this. Maybe she is a little masochistic?

Anyway, once Francis delivers the first shock to Dominique, the blonde daughter realises she does not really want her mom to have the remote. She attacks Francis in a wild catfight for the possession of the remote, but Francis simply presses the button again! Dominique is not shocked too hard, but her legs get very unstable every time her mother presses the button. There is no way for her to get the remote, even though she is much stronger than Francis.

But Dominique is smart, she simply unplugs the cord from the black box on her back. And so the arguing and fighting continues, with Francis tell Dominique to reattach the wire. Great chemistry between mother and daughter, but we don’t think Dominique ever wants to try this black box again! Ever!
And Francis? Well… now we have seen her sadistic side… we are not so sure what will happen next month!

Czech dialogue. English subtitles are included in the member download!

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  1. I’d like to see Dominique in a full chastity set contract for about 4 months, and also I’d like to see her mum locked by the daughter…

    • I totally agree.
      The mother should also be belted, at least for a week or more. It’s important she understand what it’s like to be in chastity.
      I would also like them to tell how they feel.
      Is the belt tight, can they touch themselves or masturbate. Do they miss that?
      Would they like to belted again?
      It would also be nice with english subtitles so we can understand what they are talking about.

  2. I also agree. Mom and daughter should be belted together. Francis needs to understand what her daughter is going through.

  3. Gorgeous as ever. I’ll do my best to keep it in one post this time as there is a lot more to say.

    “All fun and games” (Nice cover story but) if in fact Francis intended to control Dominique by continuing to shock her to her knees, then she should have picked a more secure power box.

    Some other modifications include the module from a dog shock collar mounted on either horizontally just above the clitoris or vertically between the labia.

    One (not so legal) way to isolate wondering hands from the power box would be a fully insulated and water tight cylindrical (dildo) or egg shaped insertable with the wires running out the back end and tucked underneath the belt.

    However because of public safety laws. Insertable electrodes are soled separate from, unless bundled with their power supplies. Even the vibrating ones have an external feed.

    And the instructions with the wired egg vibes warn against insertion. For that, there are the radio controlled self contained versions.

    Besides the dangers of internal use, an overload or short circuit on other types of malfunction could make the kegel muscles contract violently either shooting out the device or retaining it behind the pelvic floor muscles. Should it continue either by remote control or completely out of control and still delivering current…you get the picture.

  4. I know, this sounds sadistic, but for two consenting adults, this might work:
    You should find a way to make it impossible to remove or unplug the mechanism without the key (there is already one brand for male chastity belts which has a system like this fully built in, so with a little efford, this should also work with a female belt) – and maybe even slightly increase the intensity of the shocks to a level at which it is – well more unlikely that the wearer is willing to continue their fight for the remote.

    Then you have a whole new game, because then, it won’t be about pressing the button – it will rather be about not pressing the button. Or more precisely, about the obedience, the remote-holder is able to enforce….like a puppet master. If intelligently done, this could result in a very funny session in which the button doesn’t have to be pressed once. Example: “Jump… hm now that wasn’t high enough… try again… good… down on your knees…stand up, down again, raise your left leg… remember, I’ll press the button if you don’t obey me”….

  5. I just thought about my post and think I need to add something:

    By no means and under no circumstances was it my intention to suggest something that could be dangerous – neither physically nor psychologically. When I said, the level should be higher – I meant: Only if it is still a 100% safe.

    As for the suggestions, Mark and STAR have made: I don’t really see Francis as a chastity babe – no offence to her, but I think she looks better as a keyholder. Comme on guys! She is the only on screen keyholder we have on this site – she’s not a chastity babe, she’s the woman in controll.
    I do however agree with your other suggestions. There should be a way, to have them continue their deal under new rules. e.g. Francis allows Dominique to date guys and maybe even have sex evenutally, but only if she wears a full chastity outfit on their fitst date? The scenario could continue like this: If Dominique introduces the guy to Francis and she approves of him, she might allow a second date without the thigh bands, a fifth date without the bra, a tenth date without the secondary shield … and maybe, way, way down the road, without the belt at all.

    What do others think of this? I know, many of you wouldn’t wanna like to see any babe released from chastity outfits, ever. But isn’t that fantasy a little static?
    What I like about a chastity belt is not only that you can lock somebody up – I also like the fact, that you can unlock the belt, if you have the key. From my point of view, unlocking a belt belongs as much to the fantasy as locking somebody up. If there was no place for this – we could have fantasies with permanent locks all the time. .. but that would be borring

  6. I think they should both be belted and given remotes. The last woman standing gets unbelted, the loser who throws in the towel and has had enough must wear everything (belt, thigh bands, remote, chains, bra) 24/7 for one month.

  7. a “tune-up of sorts, maybe even some relief for her

  8. Yes – Lovely Francis is back !
    Why do anybody want to put Francis in chasticy?
    She don´t deserve that. She is a beautiful woman and a good mother, she don´t deserve not being able to have sex, anytime she need and want to. Just opposite her immature daughter.
    I believe it will be the best for Dominique, if she never will be allowed to experience real sex! Electric stimulation play under the full control by her mother as a reward for this, might convince her, a life permanent beltet is the best for her, and she will sign a new contract.
    Francis will not have to give up getting grandchildren. When she in some years find the right husband for Dominique, it can be taken care of by insemination. There are many other ways a woman can please a man, so they never need having intercourse.

  9. How soon will you post Dominique’s release? And will you continue to post older shoots like cb070. will there be any future dealings with her and her mom?

  10. The black box should have been put in a pocket of her jeans that she couldn´t open and aside of that I think that this treatment in a street would have been the proper punishment for trying the bolt-cutter.

  11. what is the brand and model of the device shock electric?

  12. This is my favourite from what I have seen so far in the three days of my membership.
    I will try to create files with subtitles (even if I never did anything like this) and send them to webmaster, if someone tells me how. I only see “model call” under the Contact button. But since they often speak quite silently I am not always sure myself, what are they saying and must guess

  13. Okay maybe she isn’t really evil but she’s crazy

  14. I wonder if Francis would be interested in treating a man like this?

  15. I would like to see your mum in a chastity belt and you zap her

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