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On May 25th, we were very surprised to find a different Donna in our Amsterdam apartment! In our absence, Donna had gone out into the city and she had her hair coloured to brown! It took some getting used to, seeing her like this, but she was quite happy with it, and after a while we began to think it suits her well!

Later, we realised that she must have been in the salon for hours (apparently colouring hair takes very long), her chastity belt hidden under her clothes! Nice! Unfortunately, our contract did not oblige Donna to take us with her on such occassions or even let us know about this. We all live and learn, we hope the next chastity deal will be a lot better in terms of conditions…

We just had to shoot some pictures and video of the new Donna, who is ignoring us most of the time, just playing with her bunny eared phone. Sneaky girl, getting her hair changed like this, but it is probably a good indication that she was feeling really comfortable in Amsterdam!

Remember the Donna updates are not shot in a studio so picture quality may vary. Member pictures and videos are not censored in any way.


5 comment(s) to “Donna’s new hair colour”

  1. Hey, I love this new hair colour. Much better than blond.

  2. jillybean says:

    Hello, personally I like the new hair color on Donna, although it is a big change from the blond.

    Seems she is doing pretty well considering she is locked in for 30 days without any sort of break-in period. Many people take weeks or months to build up to that kind of wear. How has this affected her general mood? I’d love to do something like this.

    • Webmaster says:

      Donna was pretty awesome indeed! Although it made a bigger mental impact than we’d imagined, you can read about that in the various Donna updates. If you’d like to try, please send us an email at!

      • MadameNyx says:

        I was wondering what mental impacts occurred that were not accounted for as I have a submissive whom will be working their way up to 24/7 wearing. Any info would be amazing! Thank you and love your work.

        Madame Nyx

  3. I agree it’s much better than blonde on her

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