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A popular member request was to see Dominique in more chastity gear. To add some more metal to the belt she is already wearing. Well, it never hurts to ask, so we called Dominique and proposed a little ‘full chastity’ photo shoot. She agreed, as long as it was only for one afternoon.

Our car loaded with metal, we drove to the little house on the country side where Francis and Dominique live, and we did a super photo shoot of the gorgeous Dominique in this complete chastity outfit. Collar, ankle, and wrist cuffs, plus thigh bands and a chastity bra. We brought the old style bra because we thought it goes better with Dominique’s chain style belt, but it was a little too small for Dominique’s boobs! Oh well, maybe next time…

We did a great shoot for you to enjoy, and after a few hours we unlocked all our gear (with some regret) and took it off. Except the belt of course, we don’t have the keys to the belt, and Francis was not even at home. But not to worry, she will (probably) be out of the belt in a few weeks!


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  1. I don’t want Dominique out of the belt.

    • We know that some of you have requested Dominique in to be held permanent chastity. But the contract requires her consent for renewal or extension. However her mother who has pressured her into this annual (long term) contract in the first palace, has also effectively preserved upheld and enforced it through this point. After which her love life is once again up to her or whatever they can agree on.

      This is as close to a chastity slave as it gets without actually breaking the law so you might prefer to refer to porn sites that include violence, captivity and other criminal activities.

  2. It’s about time! LOL… I’ve got an idea, especially with the “regular” models… How about every visit, they have to add on another piece of gear, ultimately ending up in full chastity? And beyond that, adding on the “toys” (insertables and then ultimately remote control)? What do you think?

  3. I doubt she will be out the belt in few week, becuase she is too popular here.

    • They can still check in on her and her mom from time to time. there other models only contract for a few hoers, a night, 24 hrs, etc.

  4. thnx, she’s gorgeous, but why don’t you propouse a contract between mum and daughter involving all the chastity underwear? it could be a possibility, don’t you think?

  5. Wow never noticed her hair like this before.. she definately looks pretty amazing as well… first thought it was one of those models till i read the text.

    She is a quite exceptional beauty as well ;)

  6. Iceman2436 says:

    WOW that a really great update.

  7. This is a one of several great ways to celebrate Dominique’s role on this site and her unbelting. For the last month, if Francis would allow it would be to add some toys to please, tease or even torment her. I also wonder if she has sworn off sex by now, or if she can finally fall in love.

    Though some of you wish to keep her in permanent chastity, a contract is a contract. And pressured or not, she has agreed to hers for this past year, though with her mothers help at honoring it.

    • With your other full chastity updates, as well as on, I’ve yet to see these chastity style restraints used to actually restrain the wearer. Not even for a cleaning session.

  8. is it real that she is in the belt for a long period?

  9. 1 more month to go before I can stop boycotting and subscribe to see your other models.

  10. Wonderful set. I am a new member and love all the wonderful work done to date on your site.

    What would be lovely is to see Dominique, Donna or Jenni chained by the D at the base of the chastity belt to the wall, floor or some other immovable object.

    It would also be nice to see the chain hanging from a dress or skirt.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Oh you naughty boy. Your asking to see a girl immobilised by her crotch, like to a stake or the front of a doghouse. there is a jailbird set where the girl is chained to a wall at the back of her belt. Or perhaps some thing even more in intimate like a piercing or clamps down there. Just do a web search.

      • Also for male ball traps, pa rings invisible fences, you name it. And plenty of stories.

        • There’s even a collar cage on

          • I just joined – forgot that you do that site too.

            As for the immobilized by the crotch idea, I suggested it to a web friend of mine and he did those videos. I tried to get him to at least skirt the girls and have the lock at the d ring on the base of the belt. He opted instead for fastening the lock at the rear of the belt. Still hot though.

            I also was thinking how hot it would be to have the belt and thigh bands on one of your girls and have them wear jeans with holes in them to allow the connecting chains.

            thanks and keep up the great work.

          • Webmaster says:

            Just to be clear: comments by Pat (however numerous and on-topic they are) are not written by me (Ed), webmaster of

          • That good? I’ll also try to contain my sub quotes into a single more thought out reply in the future. Sorry for the empty space.

          • Webmaster says:

            Well, you comment so much that people are starting to assume you are the webmaster :) Maybe spread them out a little instead over time? But all in all, we love comments, so keep them coming!!

          • And if the models learn some thing new, All the better:)

    • There’s even a couple of pear of anguish style butt plugs, maybe an oval shaped balloon style plug like that Inflatable Electro Dildo. you know, the one with the gold contacts at either end. Or maybe something like those vaginal/anal hooks they use in bondage. but a fully insertable version that hugs the g-spot behind the pubic bone. This one’s just my anatomical pet theory, to counter those ball trap type chastity tubes.

      • I should amend pear of anguish style “locking” butt plugs

      • OMG! with all these other freaky things, I might wear a chastity belt simply to protect myself from the them. You might want to hang on to yours Dminique, because sooner or later, you just might actually need it.

  11. I know if you had an operation like Tom Green then you might no longer get horny to begin with. But staying horny for a year with a steel barrier between your legs has got to be nothing short of torture.

  12. great photo shoot! if she had to wear a full chastity outfit, she probably wouldn’t be able to hide it from other people, maybe find someone who will like her for her

  13. john tofte says:

    I miss Francis, both her lovely appearance, and she is a much better photographer, than those who have made Hello Kitty and this last serie. I myself has a website with another topic, and use both amature and proff actors. I have always a fuss with the latter, because they keep on making unnaturaly poses and have great difficulties NOT to look straight into the camera. If it shall look realistic, it must be as if the camera wasn´t there at all. When I show my models the results of doing it my way (And as Francis do it.) The have all agreed, it looks much more naturally.

    Well – well Francis, not many days left!
    Will we see your daughter be allowed to release all her suppressed hormones, and rush out the door in her shortest dress and wet panties, only thinking about seducing the first innocent boy (or girl?) she meets? Or will the further restrains in this last serie give her a hint about what might happen, if she dosn´t voluntary sign for one more year! I don´t mean putting her in chains, she is not a fellon, but about keeping her in her room every evening and weekend, and make her do housework, while her friends go to parties. It´s all up to you Francis, the two small padlocks may be the only thing between a virtuous daughter living a decent life or chaos.

  14. On the topic of fantasy, the collar and 4 cuffs would work well to loop rope or chain through pulleys around the bed or the room to keep her mobile but her hands and legs pulled away from her crotch while Francis is cleaning the belt. And in the bathroom, her hands connected to her collar directly or with chains.

    • Clothing would be an iteresting challenge. A nightgown would have to be put on in advance. Perhaps a tie side bikini with a tie back and neck. though she may need help with it if its hard to reach with both hands.

  15. I know it’s her last month though she might choose to be belted again for shorter periods. But could we see more of your models have the option of a belt with a frontal hinge for less rigid and a more natural wear?

  16. So how will they proceed come the 22nd? At midnight or the time of belting, Does Francis relinquish the keys or wait for Dominique to come and ask for them? Should Francis be the one remove the belt that she put on her daughter? And of course who owns it with the contract? The both of them?

  17. I play with belts locked for up to a month. Could not imagine being a year without sex or masturvation. I go crazy for it after a week. Must be torture on dominique. She is very strong.

  18. I would definitely prefer this gorgeous babe wearing the full set for all the contract time!

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