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After some extensive research and DIY work, we managed to create a mysterious little black box. Most members will understand what we mean, and if you don’t: please be careful watching this update, it may be a little too extreme for you if you are looking for just pretty girls locked in chastity belts.

To test this new device, we picked up our beautiful babe Yasmine and drove to some woods, where we hoped we could try this new kind of update in peace. Unfortunately, there were people all around us, so Yasmine had to be very quiet not to draw any attention.

And keeping quiet was not easy, Yasmine was literally shocked to find out what the little black box does. Although the shocks were not very powerful, they made Yasmine jolt a few times because they come so suddenly and unexpected. Yasmine did not like this test at all, at one point she looks like she is almost going to be sick, and in the end she had to beg us to stop using the remote, because she could not take it anymore.

It is very interesting to watch Yasmine trying to get used to the device, her hand immediately going to her crotch when she thinks she feels something. The little box needs some more work, but we are pretty happy with this test!

The description of this update is deliberately vague, we hope not to upset yet another group of website fans, we are just trying to cater to everyone’s tastes. Don’t watch it if you think this is too much for you, and don’t worry, Yasmine is fine (now) and she was perfectly safe throughout this shoot.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love it!

  2. anonymous says:

    I liked the shoot for what you were trying to do and I am glad you are trying new things on this site. Don’t be afraid to offend people. This site deals with a device mostly used for BDSM play. The only thing I don’t want this site to be is just another BDSM or porn site where it is just mindless shoots of girls in BDSM play. I see this shoot as testing a new device. I’d love to see a modified version of the electro-belt and see fantasy updates and story-line around it. Another idea would be to make a belt that does the exact opposite and teases her and gives her pleasure.

    Just one more thing I want to comment on: Once again I thought the shoot was ruined by Yasmine wearing pants. I LOVE seeing the entire belt, not just the waist band. However, I will give you a pass on this shoot because I assume it was hard hiding the wires from the box in the belt and to make the shoot look the best it can, Yasmine had to wear the jeans. Just remember that a lot of us are hyper-sensitive to clothes over the belt and to some it ruins the shoot. Over all I liked what I saw for what it is and I am glad you are giving some of the other members what they want.

    (paying member)

  3. Past member says:

    As a past member that stopped because not enough of this kind of shoots I do have to say this is what will make me come back. These are great shoots because they show that the belt doesn’t just keep things out but it keeps things in as well. You lose a lot of control when there is something in you that you cant reach.

  4. the dirty marry outfit looks nice but so does any thing on Yasmine. as hot as she looks with electrical current assaulting here privates, how about some more gentle arousal settings to make her really pant? and as for the pants, I’d just like to know your choice of a delivery system. and whenever you opt to reverse the polarity when its safe so that one can feel it on the front shield even when its caused by a rear plug, at least thats how the male neosteel belt is described. also is that a sports and chain style belt? the rear cable was hidden.

  5. What stimming device do you use? Close-ups appreciated!
    We need to see the details of the connections, settings and so on!

  6. roadie12 says:

    a new twist, for sure just don’t confuse which remote is which

  7. I’d like to hear or read a description of Yasmine’s experience with the electric device. Is she that sensitive to so much as being fondled under her belt? Is the contradiction too much for her to have any kind of a stimulus under the secondary shield and outside of her control?

  8. Iceman2436 says:

    A really great update.

  9. znarfznarf says:

    made me join again. good work. as said above need more details ;-)
    shame it was only shocking… it would be great to see it used in conjuction with a toy that give pleasure and the shock is only there to prevent orgasm.

    • The shocks can be pleasurable depending on the unit, mode and the contact. But I like your idea too.

      • I know of at least one girl who loved the throbbing and tingling inside her. But it can also be used for punishment too.

        • znarfznarf says:

          not all girls are into electro play, some can’t stand it others say it feels like tickles.
          Not all girls are into vibrations though once bound right i haven’t seen much able to resist very long :p
          i don’t know if the models are willing to give up to this kind of game and for how long. generaly it take around 12 hours to get a girl to a point where she’s ready to do anything for realease.

  10. Frank Smith says:

    Great shoot. You should get two girls with these electric belts on and give them the remotes to each others belt! Then make them walk through the park together.

  11. Hey!

    What a great update!
    Please provide more like this….

    Many thanks for that and regards…

  12. have you ever thought of doing this stuff to a male model id be interested

    • I would also be very interested.

    • They would like to have a bride and groom scene either reality or role play. You should send them an email for details.

    • Me too but I’m not as pretty as the chastity babes.

    • Most of the sites I’ve found feature women only (which is what I’m into) but I want to show off my gear as well, I bet there are a few ladies out there wouldn’t mind.

      Edit: Just thought of an idea, what if a chastitybabes model were to sort of “train” a guy wearing gear, showing how to pose and things like that and then they do a shoot together.

  13. yeah add more modifications to the box !! so thats more erotic !! and also would suggest her boobs being impriosned with a chastity bra..yep another sensitive part of the body…would like to see some electricty there as well with a black box or so !! would like to see some wires penetrating her nipples and breast flesh which is good 2 watch !!

  14. Hi! Yasmines film with electro is better as the one with the mother and daughter as in this film you keep the remote hidden from Yasmine all the time.

  15. I Love this device.
    Would it be possible to describe in detail the black box. Or is it available in a shop?

  16. It would be Nice to see Jasmine in a shoppingcentre With the black Box Attached to a Electric buttplug under the chasity belt. To conseal the Box and belt she could have a Nice baggy mohair-sweather, and some Nice denim.You could punish her when she intend to shop something against your will.

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