chastity belt 

Meanwhile, poor Dominique is still serving her 1 year contract. Living with her mom Francis does not make it any easier, because mom checks the chastity belt every morning at breakfast. Francis is obsessed with details, and she always checks the padlocks and lining of the entire belt.

Francis loves her daughter so much, that she wants to protect her as much as she can. Dominique has grown up to become a beautiful girl, maybe even too beautiful. Looking like this, she will get way too much attention from guys, and Francis just thinks Dominique is not ready for that, not as long as she is living under the same roof. The chastity belt was a harsh measure but Francis lovingly checks up on her daughter every day, making sure that the belt does not hurt or irritate Dominique’s skin.

With all these checks, Dominique can not even try to sabotage her belt during the night, because mom will immediately see that in the morning. So this time at breakfast, Dominique just ask her mother in a straightforward way if she will please let her out. Surely she has been belted long enough? Of course, Francis is too strict to give in, and she will definitely stick to the contract.

Great update for people who understand Czech, who could maybe provide an approximate transscript of the dialogue here in the comments for the other members. Although you don’t have to understand anything to see what is going on here!


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  1. Francis is being properly protective of her beautiful daughter,making her wear a chastity belt 24/7,and checking each morning to be sure it still fits her safely,and that she has not been able to played with herself during the night

  2. roadie12 says:

    the use of chastity belts might become a popular for other parents who have beautiful daughters

  3. I’m waiting Francis putting a metal bra on Dominique…

  4. 2 more months and your a free woman. And if you still decide to leave home just to get away from your mom, that’s understandable too. Hang in there

  5. Mike. Horsington says:

    I am sure MANY members of this wonderful website will be VERY
    saddened when 22nd September 2012 arrives? It will mean the VERY
    beautiful Dominique will have her chastity belt undone and removed. I am hoping at this late stage that we can PLEASE ask in desperation for Dominique to PLEASE sign a further contract to permanently wear her chastity belt for another year? How about it Dominique please? I am sure EVERY member of this website thanks Dominique for being SO brave in wearing her chastity belt for what will be one whole year! Well done Dominique!

    • I am in trouble my husband has been reading this story and wants to lock me up for a year. the most that i have remained locked is a month. so far he has not convinced me but he is working on it.

  6. john tofte says:

    Hi Francis
    With your beauty you must know all about how young men and boys reacts, while in company with a pretty girl.
    You have been mature enough to handle it ever since young age, but I truly don´t believe your daughter is!
    That she after having wearing it for so long, and with so short time left of the contract, begs you to let her out of it, proves in any way, that one year is fare to little time.
    You must use all your power, to make sure she stays in the belt for at least a year more.
    How about shaving? – I can´t believe Dominique is allowed to have her fingers anyway near down there, while the belt is open. I bet her mother do it for her, am I right?
    Dominique, this is to protect you, not to hurt you!

  7. Perhaps a telescopic shield would allow Dominique sit more freely and still remain secure.

  8. Assuming if Dominique was ever allowed to touch herself during the contract year, you could have gone with a removable secondary shield.

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