chastity belt 

This was requested a long time ago, and I finally remembered to film it! Someone said they wanted to see how I would belt a very reluctant girl (I have to be careful with the wording here on this site).
I invited the lovely Anita over to my studio and dressed her in a short top, skirt, and heels. I know she doesn’t really like chastity belts, so she was a great choice for this kind of update. Handcuffed to the ceiling, there was not much she could do when I pulled down her skirt and panties.
The Carrara belt is easy to lock onto a squirming victim, and you can see in the video how it closes and locks onto Anita’s awesome body. It was all so quick, she barely had time to realize what happened. I unlocked her wrists, and yes… she immediately started to pull and tug at the belt. Anita tried to push the belt down over her hips, but it wouldn’t budge. She wouldn’t get out without a key!
I told her to put the skirt back on and wait. What next? Do you want to see me put her in a chastity bra too? I might have to cuff her again, because she will definitely hate that!


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  1. It’s sad you have to be careful. Some people don’t understand that this is actually part of the game. Like on a meta level we all know that it is a game. My GF bought her belt with her own money and practised wearing it on her own. Then she gave me all the chastity stuff. This was when the game started. We only play on weekends… On a meta level, I know that it’s a game – but on game level, she will always be reluctant to wear it. Protest, tug, sulk etc. up to the point were I tell her that she has to play nice if she wants out. She will usually gradually change her atitude, hid the belt under a dress and will will go out. The first time we did this, she really gave her best so I gave in… the second time I didn’t unlock her that easily and I made her stay in in through the night. That was when she trew fits again, started to tug etc so I made her spend the night in bodange and gave her another chance on saturday… it is always… always that acted reluctance that puts the spice into that game. We’ve done this 4 times now…maybe, I will soon tell her to buy some add-ons or add-ins to be precise….

    • heartlock says:

      As a man in chastity I can confirm. Of course I want to wear it. but I will always tell my goddess: please no, don’t lock me up.

  2. heartlock says:

    I may be a bit in love with that model. She is very sexy.

  3. compare this to wetnesday!, she will fight you keep her belt on ;) would be nice to see her back

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