chastity belt 

Yes, I finally got her!! The awesome Ella is here for 24 hours! Ever since I found out about her, I really wanted to get her into a Chastity Deal. Ella is a professional ballet dancer AND a 100% submissive girl. That sounds like the perfect combination… and it IS!! Super flexibility AND total acceptance of whatever situation she is put in.
Ella has been trained from a very young age to walk on her toes. She literally ALWAYS walks on her toes. I think that is very erotic somehow, her grace and posture are incredible. She is such a sweet girl too. Ella never doubted when I challenged her to spend 24 hours in a chastity belt (no breaks), a super heavy tall collar, and heavy wrist cuffs. I also requested that she would be on her toes as much as possible when walking or standing. Ella signed the contract without hesitating.
She looks amazing in a belt, but the collar is probably going to be the main challenge. It is super heavy and tall. She will have to sleep in this. Of course, in a 24 hour Deal you can afford not to sleep much, so it is going to be ok anyway. Somehow, I don’t think I will hear any complaints from Ella during the entire day. She is so gentle and will accept any challenge.
She might regret the bit about walking on her toes though, we will go back to my house after the signing, and it has a LOT of stairs! Stay tuned!


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  1. Jakob Zemp says:

    Ich bin sehr gespannt auf die Fotos von Ella!!!!

  2. Lock her in some ballet heels, that way she has to spend the 24hrs on her toes.

  3. She MUST wear ballet boots!

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