chastity belt 

PolandAlisa was still in the studio wearing her Fetish Ironworks belt. She looked quite comfortable in the belt so I decided it was time for a Challenge. These new locking metal ballet heels are very heavy and quite extreme! Alisa looked at them with curiosity and a bit of hesitation.
She decided to try them on because they looked so nice and shiny. After she managed to lock herself in the heels, I took the keys away from her and I told her she would have to stay in these heels for a while. I challenged her to get up on a chair, and then to stand up in these heels. This is very hard and quite painful! These shoes are like chastity for the feet, you can’t do much when you are locked in them!
Alisa was a trooper, she managed to stand up! It wasn’t easy, but I was really surprised that she could do that! Alisa is a very tall girl, and she looked like a goddess in those heels, the chastity belt, and those awesome bracers. What a girl! These heels are custom made, if you want to know where to get them, please email me at and I will point you in the right direction!

3 comment(s) to “Alisa – metal ballet heels”

  1. Stephen Miletus says:

    Those heels look to be very narrow, almost like ice picks. How much damage do they do to the floor? They look as if they’d ruin a wood floor.

    (I know, not a very sexy question, but sometimes I have practical concerns.)

  2. tina fetitxe says:

    the shoes have rubber tips….

  3. Matthew meuleman says:

    how long was Alisa to spend in the shoes

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