Some models have applied to be Chastity Babes! Here are our considerations so far, what do you think? Please comment below.

These models are being considered to be belted for this new website, please let us know your opinions!

27 comment(s) to “Casting – who should be belted?”

  1. Carie: hot and sexy, her smile is very naughty, needs to be belted for trust issues
    Dominika: hot, but looks very innocent, she looks like she have been belted her whole life (so innocent).
    Davon Kim: so sexy that the she can’t get rid of the boys until she shows them, that they need the right key for her
    Cindy: very hot, but a bid sad as well, maybe her belt is too tight.

  2. Let them be belted for at a couple of weeks and see if their smiles are the same.

  3. I agree with Peter. Lock all of them in a belt for 48 hrs and then interview them when they return. The horniest one gets to be your first model. Personally I think Carie wants it too bad. Dominika with that sweet face would be awsome. Davon should be locked in a belt and the key destroyed and Cindy has not quite figured this out yet but 24hrs in a belt and she may catch on fire.

  4. I would also say some longer time belting. Then maybe have other girls fun nearby while our “chaste model” has to watch … maybe collared and cuffed and cant pleasure herself.

  5. Here’s an interesting idea: have them “bid” on it…with days of chastity! The girl who is willing to spend the most days in chastity gets the shoot. But–she has to spend the time in chastity first, and the shoot is on the last day.

    But if it’s a sheer beauty contest, I’d say Dominika or Cindy.

  6. Lock them all up and see how long they can go before asking to be released. The one who goes the longest gets cast.

  7. georgehs53 says:

    guys, why waste time on the suggestions? …..but just lock them all up asap…and auction the keys

  8. I agree with georgehs53. Lock them all up in chastity belts and hold a lottery among the members for the keys to the belts :)

    Carie is my favorite by the way. She should definitely wear a chastity belt.

  9. Hi, I think this is a great idea! Can I be belted for one day?! I would love to try it.

  10. Forestier says:

    The more babes, the better it will be. But i do like the idea of long term chastity belt wearing :-)

  11. I think Dominika should be belted. The contrast between her innocence and trhe belt would be great

  12. Why pick one from four? Have them all belted all together!

  13. chastizer says:

    Dominika & Cindy are my favs

  14. Dominika should be belted. But not just for a short-time studio session but for a longer-term project. Maybe even with a chastity-bra and leg-bands???

  15. georgehs53 says:

    I think Dominika would look very sexy in a belt with a rear thong cable such as my steel comfort or william jones classics. The right cable length makes the shield really snug fitting

    the photo shoot/film should be in the forest. It can start with her sitting looking to camera sweet and innocent as she is in the picture above and then she can just slowly stand up, pull the tie string on her slip dress and let it fall to the ground, revealing she was belted all the time

    I always think belts that use a padlock looks best and gives the girl as real reminder that shes locked up

  16. I think it should be the one with the slimmest waist compared to hips, the belt looks so very inescapable when the ratio is big. Maybe ask someone who used to be corseted to be belted? Maybe on top of a corset, maybe.

  17. hi i love to see the girls in chastity belts and davon kim i think she will look fantastic in chastity belt thigh bands and chastity bra

  18. why hold a casting? belt all 4 of them already! roll a dice to see which 1 goes first

  19. beltedSuperWoman says:

    Put Davon Kim into chastity belt and tell her to wear those lingerie. They’re hot, especially with the belt underneath!

  20. i love to see Davon kim and Dominika in chastity belt thigh bands chastity bra collar and cuffs hope to see that some day soon

  21. hallo,

    put Davon Kim in a fully cb (belt and bra).


  22. Tse Wan Kin says:

    Davon should have taken a consideration for wearing chastity bra and chastity belt.

  23. you should belt someone who built like shithouse like Flower Tucci, Phoenix Marie or Chanel Preston. However, just any sexy blondes with big curly body is fine.

  24. I say if you can find a girl that also has braces and headgear to be locked up in chastity belt bra and thigh band then I’d love to join your site

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