chastity belt 

After about half a day, Rosie just gave up wearing her sports bra around the house. She pranced around completely naked! Well, she was just wearing her socks because she always has cold feet.
This playmate in a NeoSteel and a big steel collar around the house wasn’t a bad Deal at all! For me… For Rosie, a few cracks started to appear in her positive attitude. She still talked non-stop, and there were a lot of jokes, but you can tell her chastity belt really started to annoy her. She was trying to adjust it all the time, and sleeping wasn’t as great as she had hoped. She did not sleep much, which meant she started napping in random places during the day.
48 hours is quite long, she tried to do some work on her laptop, but that didn’t go too well with her lack of focus. The belt was just too distracting. Watching TV was a little better, but she couldn’t really find a comfortable position. Rosie was starting to get frustrated! But don’t worry, she is incredibly determined. She swore she would make it, and I had no doubt she was stubborn enough to last 48 hours, just to prove me wrong! Oh Rosie, I miss having you around, it was so funny to see you suffer! At least we still have the videos!

3 comment(s) to “Rosie Mot – 48 hours in chastity part 2”

  1. Beautiful. Neosteel is always great to see.

    Will perform my account reactivation today. Could you please tell if her rear opening is open?

  2. She should wear her big steel watch as she does in the first update. :)

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