chastity belt 

Dominique and her mother Francis are enjoying a beautiful day outside. They like to take long walks, and they are chatting about anything and nothing. When they spot a corn field they suddenly feel like diving into it. Hiding, taking silly corn field pictures, even eating the young corn!

Seeing her mother in such a good mood, Dominique carefully asks her about the chastity belt. Surely she has proven herself by now? Dominique is starting to show signs of trying to get out of the contract lately. Maybe she met someone, or maybe she WANTS to meet someone? Upon mentioning the belt, Francis immediately gets serious again and starts inspecting the belt’s dual padlocks and the back chains to make sure it has not been tampered with.

So far for negotiating with Francis in a good mood… Dominique will have to serve her contract, no matter what. And Francis will not let her out of her sight. Obsessive mother? Or caring and protective? You decide.


5 comment(s) to “Dominique and Francis – the corn fields”

  1. I think that Francis is both Obsessive and Caring and Protective.She wants to make sure her daughter behaves herself,and the only way to make sure she does is to keep her locked up 24/7 in her chastity belt

  2. trust but verify is the best bet

  3. Chastity belt provides both caring and protect. A brilliant construction that should be used by all women.

  4. roadie12 says:

    a good idea for other chastitybabes to try

  5. john tofte says:

    Lovely Francis is very Obsessive and Caring.
    That Dominique is trying to talk herself out of the belt only proves how absolutely necessary it is, she remains locked into it! It is naturally she is frustrated. She hear her girlfriends talk about their experiences, while she herself not even can tuch her labias with her fingers. And so it must be.

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