chastity belt 

Now Kayla understands she will not be released anytime soon, she suddenly doesn’t want to wear a dress anymore. And she is probably right, her dress is so short the secondary shield with the perforated pee holes is visible and the shield’s padlock is making a lot of noise jingling around. When she bends over slightly, even the belt’s anal opening can be seen! No way Kayla will let herself be peeked at like this!

Kayla only brought this dress to the casting, so she has no other option than to change into her street clothes, the outfit she arrived in. It consists of tight jeans leggings, a white bra and white top. Watching Kayla get changed, sitting down awkwardly to put on the leggings, is very entertaining.

She never stops commenting on her situation. Kayla loves to talk to the camera in her British city accent (Leeds?), she now seems to understand that she will not get anywhere near the key for some time! Fun to watch :)


8 comment(s) to “‘What’s a chastity belt?’ – part 2”

  1. Hidden, but still there under her everyday clothes and she will soon realize the advantages to wear a chastity belt.

    • Yes,Kayla will have to wear a more conservative skirt to hide the outline of the belt.
      We hope she will like the protection the belt provides and continue to wear it in public.
      Ideally, she should show a friend or her mother the belt and turn the key over to them to make sure she wears it.

  2. wow, the last picture hides it well. just another reason to keep it on longer, smiles

  3. This is a good series. I think the way she talks to the camera is what does it for me.

    There’s a part 3, I hope?

  4. roadie12 says:

    now she will be safe when going out of the house, and a suprise for others

  5. I find it nice but she complains more about the padlock than about the belt. Is it tight enough?

  6. georgehs53 says:

    agree with TomDom – looks to comfortable and too much smiling going on! She needs to appreciate the steel

  7. Please have her coming back, she is posive so please find a job fora girl in the afternoon.

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