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Last time, the outdoor photo shoot with Jenni C was so much fun! We decided to do another one, and Jenni was all up for it! This time though, we added a little more neoprene covered metal to this sparkling hot blonde girl! Neck and wrists are locked in chastity style cuffs, so she can not hide her chastity outfit anymore. After all, everyone into the chastity fetish will immediately recognize the collar and cuffs style.

In her most recent update, Jenni was still in doubt about which rear style she prefers. Even though we GAVE her a rigid style belt with a front shield in her exact size (not adjustable), she still prefers the chain style rear sometimes. Especially when she has to drive to an outdoor location with us, sitting on the belt for 1 hour (and 1 hour back, because we left the keys in the studio LOL). It seems chain style is preferred by models who have to do a lot of sitting.

The photo shoot was very funny again, leave it to Jenni to do crazy poses and all kinds of expressions! She also picks up a piece of wood and uses it to hammer on the front padlocks. We were shooting pictures and backstage video at the same time, so you can see every picture in the set being made on video. The video ends when Jenni almost kills our camera girl ;-)


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  1. The womens I know, who has chastity belt 24/7 prefer to have NO rear chains. They find it uncomfortable to sit on and therefore prefer rigid style that is really formed by their shapes.

    • I agree. I very much prefer the single rear string instead of the chains. As you said, the chains are uncomfortable for sitting down for longer periods.

      Don’t get me wrong. The chains are comfortable too, but in my opinion most useful for a few days. For longer periods, e.g. weeks, the rear string is much better IMO.

  2. Iceman2436 says:

    Great set and cute video.
    I think she looked way better in the rigid style belt you gave her. I would really love to see her in a full chastity outfit.
    The rigid style belt thigh bands chastity bra, collar, wrist, and ankle cuffs just to complete the look.

  3. She is the most beautiful model here. I really like the collar with the belt. I also prefer her rigid belt instead of the chains.

  4. Really good update. I agree Jenni looks very good in her matching collar. She should be required to wear it in all future updates.

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