chastity belt 

A quiet morning, birds singing, and beautiful Yasmine is enjoying her tea on the couch. She is playing with her cat and thinking about taking a shower. Suddenly, Yasmine starts to feel very drowsy. She lies down and falls asleep for over an hour, with her cat trying to wake her.

When Yasmine finally does awake, she finds a very worried cat sitting by her side. Slowly she sits up, only to realise there is something pressing down on her waist and hips. When she lifts her night gown, Yasmine is horrified to find a metal chastity belt locked onto her!! A panic sets in, she tries tugging the padlocks on the front, pushing the belt down over her hips, pulling the chains on the back, but nothing seems to work. This metal device is locked onto her and quickly realises she will need keys.

Still panicking, Yasmine wonders how she could have fallen asleep and who could have done this to her. Would her jealous ex-boyfriend be capable of doing this to her? What will she do? She needs to get showered and dressed and ready for work! Surely she can’t wear this thing to work!


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  1. Lets take this story a little further.Why not have the boy friend show up,and tell her he put the belt on her,because he thinks she has been unfaithful.
    She denies it,of course,but he says she will have to wear it at all times except when they are together.
    You can then spin the story any way you want.

  2. she must not have been asleep for too long-if so,she would,ve had a bra, collar

  3. The next time she falls asleep, the chastity bra be on and of course thigh straps …

  4. she should wear a collar too

  5. It’s will be like a nightmare for Yasmine! Every time she falls asleep it will be more chastity stuff on her body and she doesn´t know who is doing so with her …

  6. That is a pretty nice shoot. Would like more of something similiar like this. Being locked and not knowing whats going on.

  7. I thought it was pretty good–a nice bit of surprise when she realizes what’s happened. And it made me chuckle when she pushed the cat. I love cats, but that cracked me up.

  8. c p tang says:

    I like this story, and would like read the whole story.

  9. Interresting to see how the cat tries to go for a mouse-hunt and Yasmine pushes it away in spite of that her mouse is very well protected!

  10. I love this theme that the girl wakes up only to find that she has been belted. Hot video I love it. You need more like this on here.

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