chastity belt 

With a quick “mom, I’m going out, bye”, Dominique was hoping to escape her mother’s protective attitude and enjoy herself for a while this evening. But Francis stops her daughter with a firm word and inspects her clothing. The dress is way too short for a chaste girl, Francis thinks. Even wearing a chastity belt 24/7, showing this much leg will definitely attract unwanted attention from the boys.

Watch the heated discussion and Dominique’s unfaked disgust as her mother tells her she will add thigh bands for the evening. This means Dominique has to put on a longer dress, or the bands will show and that will raise all kinds of questions. Francis wastes no time in ordering her daughter to take off the short dress and locking the thigh bands onto her.

Interestingly, it is only the high heels that tilt Dominique’s legs enough to completely hide the connector chain when she is standing up. She will have to remain standing for the evening, making sure her dress is pulled all the way down. Dancing will be an interesting experience to say the least.

Furious at her mother, who will just not let her alone for the contract year, Dominique leaves the house to go out, sticking out her tongue at Francis, who resumes her reading like nothing happened. Francis knows her daughter is completely safe this evening, and will probably even be home early…

Czech dialogue. English subtitles are included in the member download!

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  1. The czech conversation is funny…
    She gets the long chain connecting the 2 leg bands so that she still can dance.
    So guys: Next week we want to see her dancing in the disco Karlovy Lazne in Prague… ;-)

  2. OK. This is the best update. Funny, sexy and storylined. I think this is the right way.

  3. I agree, a perfect update, and with thigh bands again.

    Everything fits in this scene, the belt at all is hidden quite well, the golden chaines belonging to the dress can predominate the sound of the belt’s chaines. The length of the dress is just right as well as the length of the chain between the thigh bands. You also had a good idea in order to reduce the rattle of the chain.

    We can see that Dominique has practiced walking with thigh bands in the meantime. Her steps had been shaky and unstable as she wore the thigh bands for the first time in the backyard of their house. Now, maybe because the connecting chain is a little longer, it seems she is not restricted by the thigh bands as she leaves the room at the end of the clip.

  4. Another step into the right direction. I wonder if the discussion is realy heated as you discribe it, but as far as i can see from the pictures, I’m pretty sure it is, so we’re finally get to see real emotions and these emotions are directly evoked by the belt/being restrained. Nicely done!

  5. Good for Francis to add thigh bands to her daughters chastity belt.They will make Dominique look and act like a proper young lady,and constantly remind her that she must behave.
    And yes, she probably will be home early,which is as it should be.

  6. The belt chain can clearly be seen under the dress.
    Have you planned to help he meet a fetishist, a sadistic or a dominant?
    What would Francis thinks of a guy like most of us here?

  7. Nice work!! keep it up!

  8. I sincerely hope the next installment is her bringing a guy home, only for him to discover her “secret.”

  9. Francis is making her wear the belt,just to protect her from guys like us.
    I am a fetishist,and would love to check out her belt and thigh bands.

  10. Why can’t Francis wear a chastity belt, too?

  11. This whole deal sounds like Francis is pressuring Dominique into finding a husband. The question remains on who they can agree on or if they can agree at all. I’d like to know more about the and clause and inherent of the keys or if Dominique could simply move out and cut the infernal thing off.

    • I can understand how Francis wants Dominique to find someone who can and will support her. Every parent wants that. and she doesn’t want a bastard grand kid. What Dominique does in private is between her and her man (or woman). Does the law say it has to be her husband? It’s not as if she’s cheating if she hasn’t one.

      • Yes, you are abosolutely right. Every parent of a girl wants her to get married to a serious guy. And he could not just take her and walk out, as it happens frequently, becuase the chastity belt. Plus he would be sure she is a virgin, although it’s not mandatory these days.

  12. #1 What are Dominique long term plans ad desires vs what Francis wants for her and which are attainable. Does she wish to get married at all?

    #2 Should they remain celibate together or would Dominique be released of the contract entirely. Should she be turning some heads to choose a man or female partner(Does Francis appose homosexuality?)?

    #3 How far does Francis go if she uses the keys to steer Dominique about long term planning?

    #4 as of September 30th 2012, if Dominique is still single and living still living with her Mom, What next?

    • And if Dominique is dating now. Maybe she wanted to go out for date, but Francis was not aware about it.
      Or she insists Dominique is not supposed to even date. Than it also falls to the question, what’s next.

  13. About the dress I’d go with a wide bottom. Nice and long but still shows off your legs(it worked for Shakira). better without the thigh bands if Francis would allow it. just don’t try some thing short and sleazy again. However you should talk to your friends about the belt and the contract. It could probably help you. and don’t worry about attracting the wrong kind of attention from the men you aim to meet. it could be just whom your looking for and can wait until October. That’s still seven moths to get acquainted(even fall in love).

    • I’m glad I’m not one of the girls or if a doctor has toy perform a hysterectomy. I’d want to punch mama across the room.

    • If Francis doesn’t allow Dominique you sexual release form time to time, what role do your hormones play come that time of the month? men don’t have that cycle and are in nature aggressive, vicious, even hostile about their domains and their mates.

    • What should Dominique do with her short dresses? Where and when are they appropriate?

      • Also: why is Francis worried about Dominique’s hem line when she’s in chastity? I know she wanted field test the thigh bands but she only had to order Dominique to put on a longer dress Or would she still pull it up any way?

        • Better yet go with the shot dress and the thigh bands and pole dance in a fetish club. Imagine her moms face at that.

  14. I’d like Francis order also a chastity bra and put it on Dominique when she decide to go to swimming pool…

  15. What happened with Dominique an Francis?

    Does Dominique make headway or has she cancelled the contract?

  16. john tofte says:

    Well, well well – Mother Francis must always be on alert.
    Trying to sneak out in a short dress, she is only allowed to wear at home. Naughty girl !
    Now the thigh bands shows their value.
    Not able to dance and wearing the old long dress, there will be no boyfriend walking her home.

  17. Ingemar says:

    Would have loved to see what happened at the party.

  18. Why should they worry about visible thigh bands if people are already asking about the belt and requesting a peek?

  19. Hi

    Have you ever considered doing a mother and daughter chastity deal, i think Dominique and Francis both in full chastity for a month

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