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SpainThis member suggestion stuck in my mind for a while. It’s a psychological experiment: one girl in full chastity, the other girl completely free. Give them both a magic wand and watch what happens!
Liz was out of luck: she was the one that got belted, and even butt plugged! Mainly because Liz is such a horny babe, but also because I don’t really have a bra that fits Blondie’s enormous boobs. So Liz was in full chastity and she was chained to her best friend who was completely free and nude.
They kissed and caressed, turning each other on, and Liz was visibly getting horny. I gave them both a magic wand, and they started vibing themselves. Of course, that didn’t work at all for Liz, not even on her nipples (watch out, she can climax from nipple play, so she needs to wear a chastity bra if you want her to behave). For a short time, Blondie seemed to feel bad for her friend and tried to help her. But soon, after Blondie concluded that it was not going to work, she started focusing on herself.
Reaching a massive orgasm chained to her friend Liz, Blondie really went all out. Liz was watching it with so much jealousy, she could have burst out of her chastity gear. Wow, was she mad at me after this! Denying Liz an orgasm… sure, but letting her best friend play with herself right next to her! So mean! I loved it!

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  1. Ridingsiberian says:

    A very interesting situation. Along a similar line I would like to see two girls in belts with Lovense style remote vibes inside. Each girl has the remote to the other girls vibe with instructions that they are to tease but not allowed to give an orgasm until a certain time. When the time is up the girl who has kept the other closest to the edge gets her own remote while the other girl gets nothing.

    If it’s a weekend deal they could get repeat contests to allow a chance for the loser to turn the tables. It would be interesting to see their limits.

  2. Another nice play (for outdoor walks) would require:
    – Two remote controlled vibrators (anal and vaginal)
    – Belt (what else)
    – Fully black contact lenses hidden behind dark sunglasses
    – Ballgag (behind mouth/nose cover)

    You can go for a walk with the girl being double plugged, belted, gagged and “blindfolded”.
    She will have to follow these instructions:

    – no vibration: go straight ahead
    – vaginal vibration: turn right
    – anal vibration: turn left
    – double vibration: stand still

    You will need a third hand for the camera…but it would be fun ;-)

  3. Ridingsiberian says:

    I forgot to mention that touching the opponent would allowed, including nipple play – however you are NOT allowed to touch yourself. This would provide another source of stimulation but careful lest you push your opponent over the edge to orgasm!

  4. I have a suggestion for the kinky version of “prisoner’s dilemma”. It will need 3 women and a man, though. One of the women has sex with the man, the 2nd one knows about it as she happened to peep in at the wrong time and the third one is his girl friend (who obviously he is cheating on). The girlfriend suspects the man and asks both the other women as to who is the betrayer. She is also an ex cop and has law enforcement connections, so her threats are real. She separately tells each woman that she will get them locked i chastity for a year if she finds out but will spare the one that tells on the other That would be a great plot for your next video…Love AM

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