chastity belt 

Jenni C is still in doubt which belt is better for her: a chain style or a rigid style. Not because she thinks one is more comfortable than the other, nope… Jenni is just concerned about how it looks on her. She is like that :)

Even though we have given her her own rigid style belt (which she has to wear when she is coming over), we think the chain style looks great as well, because Jenni has a perfect ass for a chain style belt. It’s so hard to decide!

Time for some catwalk practise for Jenni! We made an extra large picture set to show how perfect this belt is on this cheerful blonde. It is perfectly tight in front and on her ass, and if you look closely, you can see her pussy lips are protruding through the front shield slit and safely protected by the secondary shield.

With clothes on, you’d never know Jenni was wearing a chastity belt. She walks with confidence on her silver heels, giving us a great catwalk show! Definitely our best trained chastity babe!


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  1. Lovely Jenny…
    But tell us which is more comfortable? Do the chains drag?
    You might want to seal the links with clear plastic covering.

  2. Mike. Horsington says:

    Please may I point a out a problem with the running sequence of
    the photos.? This affects the downloading of the photos.I have
    found, I cannot totally download all of them.
    The site itself is TOTALLY WONDERFUL!
    Thank you very much to The Webmaster!

  3. georgehs53 says:

    what a babe…!!
    and she wears a belt sooooo well and so sexy in her belt

  4. I agree that the belt fits her perfectly,and that the chain style rear shows off lovely behind better.
    However I do not see her pussy lips protruding through the front shield slit,or that she is wearing a secondary shield.
    In fact,she is not wearing the type of belt where a secondary shield can be locked over the primary one,so she may be able to play with herself.
    I would love to see one of your beautiful models weraring this type of belt

  5. Shall I rejoin or not? Normally, I don’t like those catwalk updates… but it is Jenni…normally I prefer brunets over blonds… but it is Jenni

  6. Chains look nicer than the rigid style, but the chains are visible under clothes and uncomfortable to sit on. Have my chastity belt dressed lady told me. Secondary shield protects the labia when she sitting and prevents touching, so it´s a very handy device.

  7. The secondary shield is a must have. Besides preventing touching, in protects the labia from being pinched when sitting down.

  8. she is definitely an experienced chastity babe, maybe a revisit in full chastity outfit

  9. I do not share all of the opinions (about the update, not about Jenny, of course…). According to my opinion, there could be done more about the update:

    The rigid CB Jenny wears in MB 122 update was never been shown here altough very beautiful (rigid is my favorite version)

    What about a changing scene (can be “behind the scenes”… like before)

    Catwalk with different girls in different CB, I think this was requested before

    Audience is also something that would be great to see…

    In general, the CB varietey is low, additional to my comments above, the ergonomic CB disappeared since the second update which is sad…

    Thanks for listening!

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