chastity belt 

It has been a while since we have seen Natalia Forrest in a belt. She has been inviting a lot of girls to her house to shoot Casting updates for me. But putting Natalia in a belt is always much better, because she gets angry, frustrated, very loud, and desperate!
In this very personal POV video, Natalia was locked in a tight Carrara belt by YOU. She begs you to let her out, in her usual Natalia Forrest way. She can actually be quite convincing! See if you can watch the entire video without feeling she needs to be unlocked. Natalia makes a strong case why she should be let out.
Not in the least because she is incredibly horny (as always) and she wants to use her favorite toy: a magic wand. She even tries to use it on the belt, causing so much friction the belt gets very hot! Not a very good idea.
If you want to imagine you have locked one of the hottest and horniest babes in a chastity belt, this is the perfect video for you. It’s so much fun to have Natalia begging directly at the camera! See for yourself!

7 comment(s) to “Natalia Forrest – your chastity slave”

  1. I think it would be the case the more she begs the more gear gets locked on her

  2. Sorry,

    after seeing Natalia in full gear, this is really too much vanilla. Though the gloves are a nice touch.

  3. Matthew meuleman says:

    she needs life time locks

  4. The next shoot for Natalia should see her plugged in a fancysteel advanced training belt with Anahi on the controlling smart device. Anahi is given permission to shock her but only when she complains or begs to be let out.

  5. NICE! Always such a delight to see the lovely beautiful and gorgeous Natalia Forrest on this site. Such a devine from of female beauty and exquisite when bound within a chastity belt for the viewing audience. Nice! Would love to see Natalia with a pair of vibrating dildos tormenting her lovely feminine flesh with a Mistress controlling her pleasure and orgasms from afar. NIce!

  6. Partenia says:

    Natalia should definitely be locked in a Carrara 2.0 belt to prevent her from trying to get off.

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