chastity belt 

It is Locktober! So I wanted to do something special and start a Chastity Deal that’s never been done before. Today, I challenged the always cheerful Darina Nikitina to stay at the Chastity Mansion, locked in a belt, collar, and wrist cuffs. So far, that is pretty standard.
But Darina is special. She is one of the toughest models I know, so she needs a bigger challenge. I added a big vaginal plug to her belt, right from the first day. And the most unusual part: she would have to wear clover clamps for the entire Chastity Deal. Sleep, eat, shower, exercise (which she loves), all in nipple clamps. Yes, that really hurts her nipples. And yes, that is crazier than anything anyone has ever attempted. But if there’s one girl who can do it, it is Darina!
Plugged and clamped Chastity Deal? Bring it on, she said! And in case you are wondering if nipple clamps really are that painful, order a pair of clovers (they are not expensive), even if you are not submissive. Just try them to experience what Darina will feel 24/7. This is probably the craziest Chastity Deal so far. And Darina might now last the entire Locktober month of course. But that’s ok, I have a few other candidates for Locktober, it will be a very special month here on, definitely worth taking a little 30-day subscription right now, to support the girls in their challenges!


6 comment(s) to “Plugged nipple clamps Deal?”

  1. Hello, how long she will be lock ??

  2. I love this idea. Might sub for the month to watch locktober and see her struggle.

  3. Even a plugged weekend was hell for Natalia in a belt with a pinching problem. If arousal really does lead to sensitivity of the nipples then Darina is really in for a rough ride

  4. Nice update!
    But isn’t it dangerous to wear those nipple clamps for such a long time?

  5. Darina Look beautiful and so hot wearing her belt and collar and wrist cuffs, you should try removing the nipple clamps chain and lock a chastity bra over the top like you did with Rachel Adams she needs a chastity bra too for full protection for lock October

  6. james bond says:

    yes please but a chastity bra on her. also she needs to be double plugged and in full chastity gear.

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