chastity belt 

Cute Denise tried to nap with her big boobs locked in boob cuffs. Not easy! She can’t really turn onto her side (well, she actually managed), but she mainly has to lay on her back. I checked on her all the time, we don’t want to damage those amazing boobs! She seemed to be perfectly fine though.
This young girl is probably one of the easiest Chastity Babes ever. Walking around in tight boob cuffs for an entire afternoon, not complaining at all. Her wide eyes are just asking for more and more Challenges. Denise wants to try everything! It’s only a matter of time before she will sign a Deal, I think. And I’m thinking such a Chastity Deal should include a vibrator in the front and a plug in the back! We will see if she goes for that Deal!
Boob cuffs, or neck cuffs as they are actually called, are available here. Get a PAIR if you want to use them as boob cuffs!

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  1. So perfect! They also have a 10 euro discount!

  2. Matthew meuleman says:

    make her your live in slave for life

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